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new-york-cityIf you could name one place in the world that has everything and could do it at any time at the day, what would you say? Duh, New York City! The city is full of freedom, opportunities, and inspiration from every street corner. You could easily just wake up one morning with nothing to do and just go outside walking the side walks for any kind of adventure. The best part is, it never has to end, it’s the city that never sleeps. It is like an endless playground on Earth.

The possibilities are endless, when it comes to art culture. New York City has the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which is the largest museum in the United States), Museum of Modern Art, New Museum of Contemporary Art, and other museums on race, culture, and photography. Of course, there is always Broadway, which has some of the most fantastic performing artist in the world. However, if you don’t want to pay anything there is beautiful street art filled in New York City.

There is historical places like 9/11 Memorial, which reminds you to be extremely grateful, and the Statue of Liberty has tours of the breathtaking statue. If your more of a nature person there is Central Park which has Central Park Zoo, carriage horses, rock climbing, ice skating, and boating. Or if you love stocks you could go to Wall Street which is home to the New York Stock Exchange.

New York City has also filmed some major movies like American Psycho, Almost Famous, The Devil Wears Prada, and Ghostbusters. You could go to same places they filmed and reenact your favorite scenes. Or you could be an extra in an upcoming movie. Good Morning America is filmed in Times Square which also has the big billboards up in the air and the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Fashion capitol in the United States, they have New York Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Both fashion weeks is in February and September for about a week to show international fashion collects from designers around the world. You get to see more beautiful art and different cultural.

The food will make you open your eyes and experience new cultures and tastes. They have everything from fancy five star restaurants to causal on the go food trucks, whatever you chose it will please your taste buds. In New York City you could eat out every day for your entire lifetime and still not be able to eat at all of the restaurants. You have the freedom to choice anything you desire.

Of course the people in New York City, are outspoken, independent, and divergent. There is over eight million people, so of course they are all different and exotic. You never know who you can see or meet in New York City, it is home to many celebrities and maybe your soul mate. There is nothing impossible about New York City, this place will make you learn life lessons and to be more open-minded with people and their opinions.

About the Author: Jesseca Orcutt is a small town girl in Texas that recently graduated high school early. I desperately want to travel the world for 10 or 20 years, however long it takes.

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