Myanmar: Shwedagon Pagoda at night (video)


WATCH: Shwedagon Pagoda at night Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Shwedagon Pagoda is a startling and stunning site. I recommend you visit especially for sunset, the evening colors and if possible at near full moon as we did. After sunset as the sky turns from blue to black, it seems the golden shimmers of the pagoda get stronger.

You can pour water at the Buddha station which matches the day of your birth. There are eight days as Wednesday is split into morning and evening. We saw a Buddhism in Russia exhibit which was interesting.

On Saturday night, there were many families praying, lighting candles and enjoying the temple complex together. The sounds of the gongs and many incredible buildings all contribute to an intense sense of peace.

My favorite thing is to see a procession; I love to see the area alive with action. As we watched a group went by with one young man blowing the conch shell, the others keeping a beat and all very determined to participate appropriately.

There is gold, gems and a 76-carat diamond but it is not the jewels that sparkle brightest for me but the feeling of this awesome place.

This movie is from our 28 days in Myanmar (Burma) from September 28, 2012 to October 26, 2012 and our year TRIP in South East Asia, see all the videos from our trip.

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