Munchery: The future of the delivery business.


One advantage that some restaurants have over others is their ability to deliver food.  Sometimes people just don’t want to miss the game they’re watching and want their food to be delivered instead.  It is for this reason why delivery services are increasingly becoming popular around the country.  One fantastic delivery service that has set itself apart from the rest of the field is a company called Munchery.

What is Munchery?  Munchery is a chef-driven food delivery service featuring a roster of in-house chefs.  These chefs cook up fresh dinners that are delivered right to people’s doors, which makes answering the question of, “What’s for dinner?” much easier to answer.  Chefs that have worked at restaurants such as Patina, Hatfield’s, Craft and the ACE Hotel cook up a variety of main dishes that are made with seasonal, high-quality ingredients.

These meals as well as sides and salads range in price of $8-$12,  and kid’s meals starting at $6.  The menu highlights include Shrimp Alfredo Bucatini with shrimp sautéed with wine, garlic, and chili flakes, and tossed with butternut squash, sun-dried tomatoes, Swiss chard, roasted walnuts, and a parmesan cream sauce; Char-Grilled Atlantic Salmon with horseradish-flavored crushed potatoes, jumbo asparagus, and lemon; and Posole Roja with slow-cooked pork, red chiles, hominy, and served with Cotija cheese, lime, cilantro, avocado, radish, and tortilla garnishes. Since consumers today are becoming increasingly aware of the environment, Munchery caters to the needs of these people, as well as the habitat we live in.  The meals that are delivered can easily be heated in biodegradable containers that are microwave and oven safe.   On top of this, all the meals arrive fully cooked and chilled to maintain maximum freshness.

So, how do you order from Munchery? Customers can order through their mobile app (iOS and Android) or online for either “on-demand” or “schedule-ahead” delivery, available seven days a week from 4-9 p.m.  This is especially helpful for planning ahead as you can give them up to a week’s notice of what you need.  Know you’re going to have somebody over in the near future but don’t want (or don’t know how) to cook?  Order through Munchery and let them do all the work for you.  On top of this, deliveries can be tracked on their mobile map for up-to-date arrival times.

Most companies that offer this kind of service require you to sign up for a subscription and have a minimum order amount.  Not with Munchery.  Munchery does not need any kind of subscription and there is no minimum limit that you need to order.  Instead of ordering unwanted items that might go to waste just to fulfill the minimum order, only order what you know you can eat.

This service hit the Los Angeles area on May 18th and has been a huge success since.   They publicly launched in Westside neighborhoods and cities including Santa Monica, Venice, Palms, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, Westwood, and parts of West Los Angeles.  They’ll quickly expand into other areas of the city (West Hollywood, Downtown, Crenshaw, etc.) by the end of summer. Don’t know what to eat?  Just call up Munchery and they will have a fresh, delicious, chef-cooked-meal at your doorsteps before you know it!


Tyler Brooks

Tyler Brooks was born and raised in the small town of Bailey, near South Park in Colorado. After his first trip abroad to Japan when he was ten years old, he has had the travel bug and since then, has spent his life planning and going on trips. He recently found his talent as a photographer. His beautiful photography is available for sale at

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