Munchausen Syndrome and the Oregon Coast


This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Danielle Kitchel from the USA. Thanks for your entry Danielle!


The air was filled with a light mist that didn’t precisely fall but seemed to drift aimlessly under a pearly gray sky. Everything else under that arching dome was shaded in the same lack of color, making it difficult to distinguish between the sky, the ocean, the sand, and even the sea grasses at my feet. If I squinted my eyes, I could just make out the curve of the far distant horizon lying softly on the western edge of space. It was as if I had seamlessly stepped from my car directly into a colorless Ansel Adams photograph.

The rain was warm. Yet, on the Oregon Coast, water falling from the sky did not seem to deter anyone from outdoor activity. In fact, more often than not, it precipitated it. With first drops, locals donned their water resistant jackets, grabbed their playful dogs and headed down redwood lined trails to secret beaches where they frolicked unseen. I was confused. Why would anyone visit this bland and damp coastline, let alone live here? Obviously, I had been taken by the travel agent. This was neither, gorgeous or romantic. Moving away from Mr. A. Adams and back toward my vehicle, I couldn’t leave the area quickly enough.

As I reached the door, something compelled me to turn back. At that moment, the sun broke through the thin gray atmosphere. One by one, colors infused the landscape. Under the intense blue sky, sea grasses morphed from gray to blonde and the blue greens of the ocean brightly shimmered. Driftwood, spruce trees and craggy boulders appeared as if by magic from behind a mourning veil to shine like jewels on a bridal train.

As quickly as the mist had appeared, it dissolved in the cool ocean breeze. My lungs were filled with the freshest, cleanest air. My eyes fell on sparkling magic in all directions. From Ansel Adams to Alice in Wonderland. From Vincent Van Gogh to Bedazzled. From donkeys to unicorns. At that moment all things were possible. My physical reaction to the weather change was primordial, spiritual and mystical. It knocked me back like a boxer and drew me in like a lover.

And suddenly I understood.

The Oregon coast has immense power. Magical power waiting for those with patience and perseverance. Power held by ancient forests, native people and spirits. Power that cannot be explained, but must be experienced. One must taste the salt, see the shimmer, hear the birds, smell the clean, and feel the moisture. But beware. Once the Oregon coast has you within it’s grasp you might not want to escape but to join in perfect union under the misty gray skies.

About the Author: Danielle Kitchel: I read, I write, I travel, I love – is there more to life than that? I have traveled full time for the last 15 years and write daily. Sometimes to publish; Sometimes to inform; Sometimes just for me. 

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