Las Vegas: The Entertainment Capital of the World


Sin City. Entertainment Capital of the World. Gambling Capital of the World. The Marriage Capital of the World. The list of nicknames for Las Vegas goes on and on. Whatever you want to call it, Las Vegas has something for everyone wanting to visit here from kids all the way up to senior citizens. No matter what you want to do, Las Vegas can accommodate you. By the time you leave, you might even have your own nickname for this truly one of a kind city.

The Las Vegas Strip, courtesy of Wikicommons

Las Vegas, located in the desert near the border of California in Nevada has become the place to go for entertainment in the US. This all began before World War II, but boomed after the war when servicemen came back to the USA to celebrate their victory. From 1952 to 1957 nine casinos were built and by 1960, over 10 million people were visiting yearly, pumping more than $250 million into the casinos. However, gambling was not the only attraction. Movie stars and the biggest bands and musicians came to Las Vegas to entertain. With all the casinos and entertainment options, what is the most popular place? Today, the MGM Grand Resort Las Vegas is the place to be seen, the place to stay and the place to be entertained.

So, what exactly is there to do in Las Vegas? By far the most popular thing to do here is gamble. There are more than 120 casinos here offering more gaming options than you can imagine! From backgammon to high stakes poker, slot machines to horse racing and sports betting, Las Vegas has it all when it comes to gambling.

Another popular activity is to see the fabulous shows. Over the years, famous entertainers such as Elvis, David Copperfield, Prince along with many more have called Las Vegas their home. Today, each casino has their own headliner entertainer to attract tourists to their casino.

A popular activity for middle aged tourists between the ages 21-mid 40’s are the world famous nightclubs and dance floors that operate 24 hours a day and feature some of the world’s best dj’s and musical acts. These venues can accommodate up to 6,000 people each. In an average 24 hour day, more than 20,000 people can visit any one club, making this one of the most popular things to do.

Children are also on the list of tourists that come to Las Vegas. Tours to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are one of the most popular activities for them. Day trips to these two attractions are wonderful for families as well and are two sites that are on the “must-see-list” of many travelers around the world.

Grand Canyon courtesy of Wikicommons


Obviously, Las Vegas has something for everyone plus much much more. The list of things to do above are just the tip of the iceberg for activities to do. The list of activities goes on and on. Coming to Las Vegas is an adventure that everyone should embark on at least once in their lives.

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