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brendan burchard jan 1 2016I spent New Years Day with Brendon Burchard. I figured if Oprah loves him, i would love him. I got so much out of my 21 day meditation experience with Oprah and Deepak that I decided to jump start 2016 with a live online four hour seminar.

Brendon Burchard  is an enthusiasm machine. I was impressed with his ability to keep going at such a high level. I have already started to use some of his suggestions. If you want to learn from him he has many other classes: a once a month online class, a four-day seminar in San Diego. He gave away thousands of dollars of classes, seminars and even included flights for those that won the free gifts from other continents. There was a chat roll which did break down a few times during the four hours from thousands of people participating but the tech team had it back up and Brendon Burchard promised to go back through and give away more books to those on the discussion.

The best thing for me was when he talked about accepting the past. Having regrets is not the same as accepting he said. I want to say to myself what he suggested: I did my best. I am okay with yesterday. I do not hate myself, I am not mad or bitter, it just happened. Let it Go. He said, say out loud, “I accept the past. I accept 2015. Today is a new day.” I make excuses for myself that I am not where I want to be because of my divorce. But really that is in the past. That too did pass. I want to move on and look forward and let it go.

When Brendon Burchard talked about the future, he said, “What are you really excited about?” He said: be enthusiastic, allow yourself to be emotional and don’t be fearful. What will you build? What is your legacy? What will you achieve that is remarkable? I agree with him it is better to ask yourself questions now while you have time to make an impact.

During Brendon Burchard’s near-death experience, he asked himself: Did I LIVE vibrantly, joyously, completely? Did I LOVE other people and myself? Did I MATTER? Did I make a difference?

I wonder what change would happen in the world if everyone focused in 2016 on things they love, that matter that make them feel ALIVE! I am suddenly looking forward to an amazing 2016!

Here is my fortune cookie from dinner at the Wok Shop after the course:

“Do it now!

Today will be yesterday tomorrow.” 

Brendon Burchard

Lisa Ellen Niver

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