Manzanilla, Trinidad: Island in an Island


islandCome with me and join in our venture into ‘An island in an island’. My boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip to discover the island of Trinidad located in the Caribbean Sea. The sun was warm and friendly as the people inhabiting the island. The air was cool and refreshing as her friends cool breezes and clean air accompanied her. We had our windows winded down to feel the breezes massage our faces with the pleasant scents from the green grass which raced in our nostrils.
Driving side by side, engulfed with such simple serenities in life, we were on our way to our own paradise beach in Manzanilla. Manzanilla beach is located along the eastern coast of the island and as we entered through the arches of coconut trees, we said goodbye to city life and hello to paradise.
The beach was like an island in our tropical island called Trinidad. Trinidad’s sister is called Tobago and therefore known as the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. We pulled to the side and as we opened the door, we were greeted instantaneously with the sensational sea breezes and a sight suited for the queen. The sun greeted us with the extension of her arms with warmth and hugs, an inviting feeling contagious for all there. The blue green waters were below us and in the near distance, we could see the island on the beach. It was surrounded by water yet its own. It had sands which were originally white and got a golden tan. The sands were tanned with lush green grasses covering the center of its surface, adorned with tall tropical coconut trees. The trees were nature at its best, streamed with perfection and outlined with greens from above. We stood there in awe. Time stopped for us to bathe in Manzanilla’s glory. We took one picture which etched its way in us forever and today we share this invaluable gift with you.
Mark and I have been dating for a year and embrace life with all her mysterious beauty. We couldn’t allow time to move forward without dissolving us, so Mark did what any man in his position would do, he looked into my eyes, held my hand and together, we jumped into the clear waters. Hand in hand we swam to the island and upon arrival, Mark went down on one knee. It was a fairy tale for we were on our own island, in a tropical paradise. We were engaged. It was a momentous occasion. Nature took us by her loving hands and joined us as one.
We made an unforgettable memory in Manzanilla and a tale to tell. You could join us  with unforgettable experiences and making memories.
Myths of treasure islands fly through the air everyday, but we were blessed to breathe one. It was as though this beach proved that myths are real and that fairytales may actually come true. Relationships transform right before your very eyes and you appreciate the power of nature and her charms. She is quite charming. So come to Trinidad, jump in your car and see an island in an island.
About the Author: Therese sees life as a Blessing from God and embraces it with all her being. She believes that everything happens for a reason and that with God anything and everything are possible.

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