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IMG_5401A place that inspires me to spend my time wisely with no regrets is Kyoto, the previous capital of Japan. I think there are three ingredients for the place where we can have a great time with no regrets– the place where we can experience original cultures, the place where we can enjoy in all seasons and the place where we can spend our time without safety problems. I am sure that Kyoto has all ingredients.

1. Place where we can experience original cultures
We can experience original cultures in Kyoto. Until 150 years ago, Japan had closed the door to foreign countries for a long time. Therefore, Japan has many original cultures which we cannot experience in other countries. Moreover, Kyoto had been the center of Japan for a long time so we can experience many of them in Kyoto. For example, Kyoto cuisine called Kyo-ryori and Japanese historical temples. Kyo-ryori is not only delicious cuisine but also the cuisine we can feel Kyoto original cultures with our “five senses”. In addition, most dishes of Kyo-ryori are made up with non-meat dishes so I recommend it to vegetarian visitors. As to temples, I guess Temples are fresh for many foreign visitors and a lot of temples in Kyoto have their long histories. Therefore, visiting temples in Kyoto gives us not only freshness but also a lot of knowledge of Japanese histories and cultures.

2. Place where we can enjoy in all seasons
In many places, there is good time to visit. We would feel “regret” if we visited some place in not good time to visit. However, as to Kyoto, we will never feel regret whenever we visit there. Japan has four seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. In Kyoto, every season has specific attractions- viewing beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, spending silent time at riverbed in summer, seeing wonderful fall colors in fall and enjoying fantastic snowy landscape in winter. Therefore, we can spend a great time in Kyoto whenever we visit. Even if we have an experience to visit Kyoto before, we will feel as if we visit there for the first time when we visit Kyoto in a different season again. I wrote there are many temples in Kyoto as above and the combinations of temples and cherry blossoms, temples and fall colors, temples and snow are incredibly great. In fall, for example, we can see fantastic landscape like the picture attached.

3. Place where we can spend our time without safety problems
If we had a great time in some place, getting involved with some troubles would make us regret to visit there. However, we need not have such concern when we visit Kyoto because Japan is known as a safe country and Kyoto is, of course, a safe city. During our stay in Kyoto, we will not have problems in safety and if we had a problem, policemen would help us kindly.

As above, if you visit Kyoto, you will experience great cultures you have never had in all seasons without safety problems. Kyoto may not be a famous place such as New York, Paris and London in many countries. However, Kyoto has many attractions and it is difficult to explain them completely by using limited texts and one picture. Therefore, I would be grateful if even one foreigner knew about Kyoto by reading my texts and would visit Kyoto in near future. I am sure that Kyoto is a place that inspires anyone to spend his or her time wisely with no regrets.

About the Author:Masahiro Takenaga likes traveling in foreign countries, especially riding foreign trains. Purposes of joining this contest are to inform foreign travelers of Japanese goodness and to make my English ability progress.

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  1. Masahiro, you have every right to be proud of your country and people. Even time I visit Japan, I discover something new and wonderful. I actually chose to spent my last birthday in Kyoto, so your article brought back some treasured memories. Thanks.

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