Isla de Gigantes, Philippines: A Paradise to Discover


IMG_5371-1Philippines has been blessed archipelago with 7,107 islands and many people were drawn to the beautiful country because of its abundant natural resources with great biodiversity. And when you hear Philippines, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is either the breath-taking islands of Boracay, Palawan or Cebu, but let me introduce one island that is very serene, magnificently beautiful, less crowded – Isla de Gigantes.

Isla de Gigantes can be found in Carles Iloilo and this is the place I would love to spend my time with. The undeveloped paradise captured my heart, and the hospitality of the people makes me want to stay there forever. Their ways of living is very simple, they electricity supply is very limited and there is no strong network connection, there are just some particular spot where you can send a text message and they call it “the call center” this I think is one way to detached myself from my very toxic and busy city life.

There are four spots to visit around Isla de Gigantes. Let’s start with the overwhelming beautiful Cabugao Island. This island has no electricity but has cellphone signal. Climbing up the rock to have a better view of the whole island will leave you in amazement. Spending time here seems like spending time in paradise, while the wind is blowing gently on my face, the waves that keeps ringing in my ears, the sand relaxes my toes and the salt water on my hair. I think a perfect, relaxing and very chilled vacation everybody would love to experience.

Then the Antonia Island, the perfect spot to go snorkeling and see the world of the living creatures underwater. This is the island where I get to spent most of my time eating seafood, talking to my companion and just striking a pose in every angle I could get a chance to take a picture with. The sun is so high yet the coconut trees diffuse the heat and make me feel the summer breeze around.

Next stop would be the “tangke” (tank in English). It is a limestone that has a swimming type lagoon inside. Every time the tide is high, the place becomes like a swimming pool for everyone to enjoy. Then in this spot, you can get to experience cliff jumping! From the spot where locals put a marking already, the spot is quite high, the challenge there is that you will jump off to the sea. This is a very challenging activity especially if there is a strong wind and waves. Nonetheless, it is a very rewarding feeling after the jump.

Lastly, the Bantigue Island also known as the sandbar has a magnificent view that will also capture your heart. The experience in Isla de Gigantes is something I wanted to share to everyone so that you will also feel the overwhelming hospitality of the Filipinos residing in this island. I would say, Philippines is not just a mere beautiful country, but a country with amazing places to explore, beautiful warm-hearted people that always have smile on their faces.

About the Author: Aiza Bagano is a free-spirited girl who loves to travel and see the world outside my busy life. Life is too short, so better enjoy it while we can. So, I’m taking every chance that I have to explore and experience life and to meet new people, to share stories with, memories and gain new friends worldwide.

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