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As I plunged myself into the water I felt all stress, all uncertainties an all negative aspects of my life just disappeared as my toes grazed the surface of the icy mountain water. Being in nature away from my hectic life, such as school or work is one of the greatest recreations that nourish the mind, body and soul. I`m no doctor but I’m sure being in an environment as peaceful and breathtaking as this can certainly heal a person’s body. This piece entails the magnificence of Matura River and its impact on my life. This river can be found in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.

As I entered the forested pathway to where this hidden gem was located my eyes were marveled by all the lush, green, healthy trees, shrubs, bushes, unique flora and bamboo patches. It’s like my brain kept taking pictures that caused me to day dream on how amazing the view was. At this point blinking decreases no one would want to miss a split second of admiring this natural beauty. The river was as beautiful as a happy bride on her wedding day where the ambiance was filled with grace, elegance and love as it leisurely trickled through every pebble making the water glisten its way down stream, shimmered with poise and immense confidence. The water, depending on its depth and the particles on the ground surface entails a variety of colors; if there was sand the water is aqua blue like the ocean, if it water was green you can tell that’s is really deep with limestone rocks beneath. The shallow parts of the water were crystal clear it’s so clean that the tiniest baby fishes were seen.

The crystal flawless water had its minor hindrances of being a bit cold as your feet touches the water for the first time it felt like tiny needles piercing a tattoo onto your skin. As for the rock in the river, they tend to be quite sharp and unfriendly which caused some discomfort on your feet as if you stepped on upright nails. Okay I’m being overly dramatic it`s not so treacherous once your body adapted to the water and proper foot wear was worn the experience was worthwhile. I just let my body float lifelessly in the peaceful arena swimming, diving and having enjoyable conversations with my family was enjoyable. While floating I love taking deep breaths. I find myself closing my eyes and absorbing all the toxic free oxygen my lung can hold at a time. The aroma was as refreshing as gentle summer rain where pure fresh mountain water was immersed into my system detoxifying my body. As I exhaled I felt all my toxins and negative set back vanishing slowly as I continue the breath.  The closer I am to the river bank the pleasant aroma of the unique flowers indulged my senses. Healthy breathing fosters thinking and thinking positively is true inspiration.

Inspiration from within that allows a young individual like me to have ambition and the desire that nothing is impossible. I can achieve anything I want in life, dreams can come through. Seeing this river that’s so precious makes me think of all the other natural beauty out there in this world .It inspired me to not limit myself to only the Caribbean Islands but to discover, explore and expand my horizon to the entire world that`s is out there. I just have to be as brave and as strong as the river to overcome all obstacles in my pathway with patience and grace as the river does to get where I’m supposed to be. The World contains many hidden gems I just need to seek it out the river inspired me to live my life in a similar way. May my mind be crystal clear, may I carry around my body with poise and confidence may I overcome all obstacles with patience and grace, and if one pathways is blocked for me I shall have the strength in me to create other paths to achieve my fullest potential in life
Time spent with family is a true blessing enjoying this specular body of water with my family will never ever be regretted.

About the Author:  Im just a simple girl living in the Caribbean exploring its natural features and having fun doing it with my family and friends .. Sharmin Mohammed

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