Green Dragon Tavern and Museum: Visit Carlsbad, California with We Said Go Travel


Green Dragon Tavern and Museum, Visit Carlsbad, California with We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel explored four exciting destinations in Carlsbad California. Where will you go first? See all the videos to decide:

Where in the world can you choose from 20 craft beers to drink, have a great American food meal, watch sports from a selection of 7 HDTVs…and then go to a museum with the family right after that?  If you’re thinking New York, Chicago or even Houston, you’re wrong.  The place to experience this is at the Green Dragon Tavern and Museum in Carlsbad, California.

The tavern is an amazing three stories high and specializes in New England inspired American comfort food.  Unlike other restaurants or other establishments, the inside is not mass produced, but instead completely customized for them.  To truly wow visitors, the decor includes a massive brass chandelier, custom built cherry stained tables and American handmade Hitchcock chairs with depictions of Pilgrims and the revolution. Artwork depicts scenes of the revolutionary war era, and inspires conversation about our country’s history as well as present day issues of importance.

As for the museum, it is completely free to enter. It’s mission is to promote and celebrate our country’s heritage and reconnect guests with the life events and contributions of our founders during the colonial-American era.  The museum and educational exhibits feature authentic original documents from the eras and reconnect guests with the life, times, and still prevalent innovations and perspectives of those who shaped our great country.

The Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is a private, family-owned tavern and museum that celebrated its opening to the public on February 12, 2014. The tavern and museum is located half way between Los Angeles and San Diego along the coast in the small town of Carlsbad, California.  The facility is a family friendly hospitality venue that is recognized as a destination location for locals and out of town visitors alike.

The tavern and museum is easy to find as well, as it is located directly off of Interstate 5 at the Palomar Airport Road exit.

3308322b-aa1d-45fa-b105-879ef2665e6c_lGreen Dragon Tavern & Museum

6115 Paseo del Norte,

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Phone. 760.918.2421



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