Greece; A Timely Muse


IMG_20140220_103728The significance of time is time itself. To waste time is to waste that which cannot be regained. Furthermore, to live life with regrets is to deny its brilliance at permitting much needed do-overs. -Self

This I know all too well. Each new day being announced by the intrusive wail of the alarm clock, never failing to remind me of my measly surroundings. Ever since migrating here to the United States over a decade again I have seldom gone out of state, so it no wonder that these four walls of this compact Brooklyn apartment aim to confine, imprison and stifle my lifelong desire to travel the world starting with Greece. These bland neighborhood backdrops, such as the projects adjacent to my living quarters desperately want me to believe that I am entitled only to what lies before me and little else. It wants me to sink down into my spirit that because I am not financially endowed, my dreams to see outside of my routine settings are somewhat ludicrous if not at all impossible.

And yet defiantly I dream. I feverishly dream of Greece and the moments in which I will immerse myself into its breathtaking atmosphere without any regrets whatsoever. Greece in itself is its own muse and time a commodity. A never ending vessel and basin of inspiration, where the past and present dance enticingly hand in hand. An open canvas for all forms of arts to find conception. I can already envision myself in the grandeur called Greece. I visualize myself being elevated until I am given a bird’s eye view of the Ionian Islands. Its transparent waters, lush greens and sandy earthy complexion beckon to me and instantly I am lured in; much like the sirens, Circe and mermaids of ancient Greek mythology who ensnared the sailors, except I come free will.

That being said, who needs television when one can listen to the exotic myths being spunned from locals who have learned them well, from the mouths of their very own descendants, for both religious and recreation purposes. No modern form of enterntainment can rival to the tale of Hermes the Olympian God of Travel or Odyssey, another travel enthusiast. On another occasion I can see myself too vividly descending along the Corinth canal. Its narrow walls enveloping me and yet it does not pose a threat because unlike my previous domain, it does not try to suffocate me. Further still I can catch a glimpse of myself in Athens. A trip to Greece always merits and is never quite complete without a visit to its metropolis. Athens is the central point. A key site for innovation and thought where Greece’s history spill full to the brim and where you are given a rare chance at unparelled beauty.

Only in Greece am I presented with the opportunity to admire nature and in unison ponder its meaning in depth. Only there in its bosom can I simultaneously be a tourist as well as a philosopher, such as the great Socrates, as I imagine myself as Colossus of Rhodes, allowing myself to rise to new heights, standing between what I knew then and the knowledge which still remains to be obtained.

Greece to me represents no restraints. It represents freedom, awe as well as creativity. In Greece, time is much more precious than currency. Each hour more sacred than the last. Although at this instance, I am limited to these four walls and monotonous locale, one day in the near future Greece and I will have the chance to flirt and I will forever cherish the time when I will lose myself in time in a land of paradise.

About the Author: My name is Liza Philidor and my aspiration is to travel the world, starting with Greece. I want to expand my mind as well as locale.

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