Great day for the Los Angeles Zoo!


Great day for the Los Angeles Zoo!

By Sage Porter
LA Zoo

There is so much to explore around the Los Angeles area and when the LA Zoo asked to host us for a morning, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go and bring my mom who was visiting form Colorado.  The morning we visited the zoo was in mid November and it was a beautiful day. More than 1,100 creatures call the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens home and this morning we got to see so many of them and also learned that a few more are expected to join the LA zoo in 2016. I’m really looking forward to meeting the new marsupials that are originally from Australia- the female wombat and the Tasmanian devil (adorable creatures, despite their name!) The zoo has completed the new jaguar habitat in May that includes a waterfall and pool where the zoo’s three magnificent cats can swim, don’t miss going by and seeing it if you visit.

When we arrived, the LA Zoo was getting ready for their Zoo Lights events that runs from November 27th to January 3rd, so the paths were hung with lights and decorations gleaming in the morning sunlight.



We started our walk looking for the Harbor Seals (who weren’t awake yet) and then we wove our way over to the flamingos that were just being let into their day area. They cracked me up as they all ran in from the gate in a stampede, happy to be with their waterfalls.   After their fast run in they settled in and started their day.

LA Zoo Flamingos

From there we went to the Lair where I had a lovely chat with a few snakes, gloriously slithering along, stopping to come over and greet me. We visited the tomistomas (an endangered crocodile species with a narrow jaw- don’t mess with these cool looking creatures!) who were slowly swimming along in the water. The new female tomistoma came from a zoo in Singapore and they hope to breed her with the male. So far they were in different areas as the female is still in quarantine.


Some of the other animals we saw were starting their days and many were being fed. The chimps were exploring their areas with fresh food all over and a few babies clung to their mom’s backs and got a ride up the hill. When we came to the gorillas we stopped for quite a while. They are glorious, beautiful and powerful animals with sweet and loving faces.   We watched as the searched for treats of onions, pinecones, branches and more. To me they are magical creatures and I could have watched for hours.

LA Zoo gorilla with food
LA Zoo gorilla with food

When we came to the giraffes we saw the baby who was snuggling next to his elders and munching on food. He was so cute. BABIES! I’m a sucker for small animals, even if they are six feet tall at birth 😉


Our zoo morning was perfect and full of beautiful animals. There was so much to explore at the LA zoo that morning and I know we’ll be back for more. Next stop… LA Zoo Lights this winter! The Zoo Lights promises to be bigger than last year with an extended route, more displays, 3D lasers and projection displays and more. I cannot wait!

LA Zoo


Sage Perovskia Porter was born and raised in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Along with pursuing her acting career, she enjoys traveling, biking and writing. She currently lives in California with her family.

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