The Gorge in Washington- Heaven on Earth


photo-6Have you ever been to a place that made you feel so much peace that you started planning your next trip back before you even returned home? Seeing Dave Matthews Band perform for 3 nights of concerts at “The Gorge” on Labor Day weekend is an excellent place to experience just that. The Gorge is a music amphitheater located in the heartland of beautiful Washington state about 2 hours drive east of Seattle. The actual concert stage at the venue is situated on a cliff overhanging the Columbia River in George, Wa. in a place that could easily be called God’s country. The area is surrounded by not only the gorgeous and pristine Columbia River and canyons but beautiful vineyards, state parks and the famous Wild Horse Monument are also close by.

When making the trip for the first time you might not have any idea what to expect. As you most likely travel from Seattle you will notice the mountains begin to fade away and the terrain begins to turn to desert. The air is crisper. The sky is bluer. The water in the rivers and streams is clearer. The true beauty of this place is difficult to describe in words. Once you arrive you can stay at nearby campgrounds in Vantage, Moses Lake or at the venue or you can stay at a hotel in one of the nearby towns. Both are pleasant and unforgettable experiences. If you are a nature lover you might want to enjoy camping and sleep under the stars. You can equally enjoy the experience if you rent a car and stay in a hotel. This gives you more flexibility to drive around and see the nearby sights during the day. Once you have settled in, it is time to make the trek The Gorge Amphitheater for a once in a lifetime concert experience.

Upon arrival at the venue you will make your way from the immense grass parking area to the entrance of the venue. You will walk past people tail gating and playing DMB songs which really gets you in the mood for the show. Excitement is building at that point as your ticket is scanned and you pass through security. The smell of food from vendors inside the gate awakens your sense of smell and tastes buds. The sounds of music playing from side stages and opening bands on the main stage awaken your ears. The array of people who have congregated at this beautiful place range from babies to teenagers, to adults, to elderly people. Families with three generations sitting together on a blanket on the lawn enjoying the evening together are very typical. This tells you that DMB’s music combined with this beautiful venue is truly a magical place that brings all walks of life together. There really is no other concert venue like this in the United States or quite possibly the world.

As the sun sets on the Columbia River you will be amazed at the beauty and try to take it all in. Pictures are a must but do not do it justice by any means. As you make your way to your seats or to your space you have claimed on the lawn to prepare for the show, you feel the excitement building and you begin to feel a smile creep across your face. The people all around you are friendly and happy and it is infectious. They all know what is about to take place…three hours of musical, emotional and spiritual bliss. Around 8:15pm give or take a few minutes the lights on the stage will go down and you await for Dave and the boys to emerge from behind the scenes and when they do the roar of the crowd is deafening. Joy begins to flow through your veins. The music starts and you lose yourself in it and the lyrics and you sing and dance like there is no place you would rather be on the planet at that very moment. The sound of the crowd singing the lyrics to every song word for word is like a 20,000 person chorus echoing across the canyon. People who have never been to The Gorge or to a Dave Matthews Band concert will no doubt be in complete awe during their first experience and as well as every trip back after. Nearly three hours of giving it their all…the band finishes their encore and says farewell. Three hours truly feels like mere minutes have passed. You are left breathless but elated and ready to come back and do it all again for the next two nights. Can it get here any sooner?

You will be drawn back to this place over and over again for one simple reason. Your mind is at perfect peace when you are there and you will have no regrets whatsoever for making the trip back over and over again. “Celebrate we will, for life is sweet for certain” ~ Dave Matthews Band

About the Author: Stacey Sloughfy is originally from Kentucky and now resides in Indiana. She has an Environmental Science degree from the University of Kentucky and is employed in the science field. In her free time she enjoys travel, writing, concerts, her two cats, and is an aspiring travel writer. She is striving to be a positive influence and has gained a large following on Twitter.

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