Flying in Style over Los Angeles


Phenom300--backview of plane on runway, wideshot
Phenom300–backview of plane on runway, wideshot

Written by Mary Anne Been

The City of Angels is the city that keeps people on their toes.  There is always something exciting around the corner. With so many things to do in Los Angeles, a person never knows what interesting adventure they will find themselves in.

A few weeks back an invitation was extended to take a private jet flight around Los Angeles and meet Flight Options’, Regional Sales Manager Brian Hirsch.  A meeting while flying in a private jet?  These are the kinds of things seen on TV spy shows.  So of course yes was the answer.


Flight Options Phenom 300
Flight Options Phenom 300

Arriving at Van Nuys Airport the pilot was first to make introductions and immediately introduced Jason and I to Brian Hirsch.  Brian explained all about the plane we were going to fly in.  It was a brand new addition to the Flight Options fleet, the Phenom 300 that seats 7 and flies approximately 2900 miles.  The interior of this plane was gorgeous.  All the leather and woodworking was designed by BMW and as luxurious as it gets for a 7-passenger plane.


Along with the explanation of the inner workings of the company, Brian talked about the affordability of flying privately.  Most people don’t think flying privately can be affordable; actually it’s more affordable than expected.  Depending on the type of plane chartered; the hourly rate stays the same regardless of the number of passengers.  So, if someone has ten friends and they want to hit Vegas for the weekend it may be an option they can now seriously consider.  There are other perks to flying privately.  Flight Options offers inflight entertainment.  A request for movies or music can be made.  Specific types of food can be ordered to suit any palate.  The options are limitless.


Flying privately is an incredible experience.  There isn’t the craziness of the commercial airlines and massive airports.  No need to arrive 2 ½ hours prior to a flight.  Here is the low down from beginning to end. Arrive at selected airport or FBO (fixed-base operator), show the proper ID, and meet up with the pilot who will then lead an escort to the plane. It’s that simple.


So the next time the urge to travel either domestic or international hits, think about flying privately.


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