Five Favorites: Genius Inventions for Your Next Trip


Lucky for us travelers, there are geniuses all around the world trying to make our lives easier! Planes, trains, and hostels never looked quite as comfy before these amazing, easy inventions! They are designed to make any kind of travel easier and more enjoyable. Check them out:

1. J Pillow

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The J Pillow is the Winner of the 2013 British Inventor Award. It stops your head from falling forward while sleeping. Perfect for flying, this genius pillow will help you sleep better while sitting upright, making that long trip to New Zealand a bit easier.

2. Native Union Jump Cable

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The Native Jump Cable won the 2014 Good Design awards, for its sleek look and tangle free design. Unlike most portable chargers, Jump charges itself so it’s always ready to go. It’s the size of a matchbox, and holds an extra 30% charge for your phone. With Jump, you don’t have to remember to charge your phone before you start snapping photos of the Grand Canyon.

3. The Scrubba Wash Bag

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On your long backpacking trips, re-wearing clothes is inevitable. With Scrubba, washing your clothes while backpacking just became easy! This genius invention uses less water in less time, and keeps your clothes cleaner! No more having to find some strange laundromat. Scrubba will only add 5 ounces of weight to your backpack!

4. Hoodie Pillow

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The Hoodie Pillow: simple, but brilliant. The ultimate zone-out design keeps you in your personal bubble, no matter if you’re in a busy train station or on a plane. It also offers a stealthy pocket to hide your wallet or phone while traveling. Get comfy and stay comfy.

5. Sinch Headphone Assistant

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.19.19 AM


Every time you roll your headphones up neatly, they still come out of your bag looking like a knot. The Sinch will save yourself five minutes each time you want to listen to some music. Store your headphones where you’ll need them, and keep them tangle free, with this easy clip on device for your iPhone.

Hopefully these inventions make your next trip a little easier!

Cameryn Frost

Cameryn Frost lives in Los Angeles, where she works in television, writes novels, and writes on travel. Her favorite places in the world include Edinburgh and Budapest. She considers herself a nerd on anything science fiction and fantasy related, and is an incurable know-it-all.

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