Finding Freedom For Passover in Los Angeles


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.19.14 PMThe original version of this article “A journey to freedom over three Passovers” was originally published in Jewish Journal. Please share your story of finding freedom in our We Said Go Travel Award.

“Merriam-Webster defines brave as ‘having or showing courage.’ Courage as ‘mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.’ I have come to see that I do have strength and tenacity, and that I can forge my own unique path forward,” states Lisa Niver in her recent article.

Lisa open-heartedly shares her journey with Jewish Journal, taking readers through global travel, a divorce, obtaining a ‘Conservative get’ and finally stepping into a new life.

“My steps included rebuilding, which was intentionally neglected during my divorce. It became solely mine and finally had real paperwork as a proper business with an LLC and a bank account. Others began to notice me as a travel professional, and I started to contribute articles to USA Today, Wharton Magazine and SheKnows.”

Lisa Niver & Lenore Horton, Champions for Humanity at the United Nations, New York Headquarters
Lisa Niver & Lenore Horton, Champions for Humanity at the United Nations, New York Headquarters

The power of forgiveness is underestimated between friends, family and loved ones; it is often completely forgotten when it comes to finding peace within ourselves.

“Forgiving myself has been a theme of my healing over the last two years, and I chose a prayer about the power of forgiveness as the fifth prayer. For the sixth, I chose to say the misheberach, a blessing of renewal and healing of the world, along with Judy Chicago’s “Merger Poem.” For my seventh blessing, I selected the Shehecheyanu, the blessing for making it to this time and celebration of new beginnings. Afterward, I said the Shema.”

This telling of self-discovery through faith and forgiveness is something we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Not if, but when we fall, it’s a matter of finding the strength somewhere inside to get back up time and time again.

Read the full article on Jewish Journal here and check out Lisa’s Sizzle Reel below:

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