What Does Fabien Cousteau Have in his Bag?


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What Does Fabien Cousteau Have in his Bag? Delta Sky Magazine Niver April 2017Third generation aquanaut and ocean documentary filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau, was named one of the world’s sexiest explorers and spent 31 days underwater speaking to 100,000 students on six continents from the bottom of the sea. Cousteau’s 3-D printing project in Bonaire will help restore coral reefs and our planet’s lungs. As he explains: “The ocean is 60% of every breath we take.” He opened the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center last year and invites you to join him to save sea turtles, mangroves and ourselves. As Cousteau says, “We need to stop living on this planet and start living with this planet.” — Lisa Niver

Travel Esssential: iPhone. “Our lives are so integrally based on those mobile devices. I would need it to be able to function in business world.”

Travel Essential: Passport: “In my personal world, the one thing I would not fly without is my passport.”

Strange Travel Item:  A rock from New Zealand. “I found it on a beach in North Islands in New Zealand.”

Unusual Travel Item: custom kit of tinkering: “I have a small kit with me that is TSA approved that I can fix most things.”

In-flight Music: “I love Top 40s, I love alternative. I enjoy an eclectic mix of music everything from classic on to modern, with the one exception that I do not get into country music. I can’t do country music.”

In-flight Reading: “I love books. I am reading my grandfather’s last book, “The Human, the Orchid, and the Octopus: Exploring and Conserving Our Natural World,” it is fascinating on a personal history level because I am learning about my grandfather.”

In-flight TV: “I love Big Bang Theory. I am just a nerd at heart. It is funny, light hearted humor.”

In-flight Snack: “I usually take elements bars—all natural, very basic bars based on dates and nuts. They have five or six ingredients.”

In-flight Drink: Fabien Cousteau travels with a stainless steel water bottle which he refills in the airport. “Every glass of water you drink, you are drinking the ocean.”

Tomato Juice “I usually love a nice tomato juice or a tonic water.”

Luggage: G-RO “G-Ro’s wheels have made my travel much more pleasant. I need things that are as rugged as possible.”

Travel Outfit: “I change into my pajamas as soon as I can. It is so much more comfortable than jeans. Whether it is POLO or ADIDAS, it is really about the comfort. I do dress to be comfortable on long haul flights.”

In-flight Meal: Vegetarian Option “The portions are human sized so that when you finish your meal you are not craving more.”

Favorite Hotel: my father’s Jean Michel Cousteau resort in Fiji “In Fiji, we have an eco-sensitive resort which has won all the Conde Nast prizes you can imagine. There is beautiful diving, you can relax on the beach, go hiking in the rainforest, play tennis, share stories with local villages, drink kava, it is a beautiful resort!”

Favorite Travel App: Flight Track: “It lets me know when flights are delayed, what gate I need to go to.

Travel App 2: Flight Radar. “You can point your phone at the sky and it tells you where that plane is coming from and where it is going to.”

Last Vacation: New York City (home) “Vacation to me is coming back home and enjoying peace and quiet and being with my family.”

Favorite Destination: South of France: “The home that my grandparents built during World War 2 in the south of France on the Mediterranean.”

Destination to Return to: Papau New Guinea This spot reminds of what diving was like when I first started diving. The ocean world still has a reef that is a marvel.”

Travel Bucket List: Iceland, Mali, Myanmar, Bhutan, Africa, Argentina, Romania

Most Unusual Destination: Mission 31: habitat under the sea: “I lived and worked underwater for 31 days in the world’s only undersea marine laboratory at 66 feet of water.”

From Fabien Cousteau:

“Whether you are in a submarine or flying over the ocean, you have to remember that we are an integral part of this puzzle and the ocean world is our life support system, so whether we are traveling for vacation, whether we are traveling for work or to a destination, we have to remember that traveling is a very special thing, it is a privilege and it should be an honor. At the same time we need to be able to honor the support system that allows us to do this. Not only the businesses themselves but the environment, we need to do our best as business leaders, as individuals, as heads of government to make sure that our life support system stays healthy, stays clean and is still capable of supporting us as just one of the species on this planet.”

“As an ocean documentary filmmaker and third generation voice for the ocean, the mission that I have is a greater understanding of our interconnectivity with our water planet and the importance of it as our sole life support system.”

“Both rainforest and ocean are the essential part of creating oxygen and are the lungs of our planet. 60% is generated by the ocean and 40% by the forest, as we burn down more rainforest, the oceans take on a greater burden of converting C02 to oxygen.”

What Does Fabien Cousteau Have in his Bag? Delta Sky Magazine Niver April 2017

Thank you to Delta Sky Magazine and Fabien Cousteau!

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