Eating my way through Italy: a food tour in Rome


On my recent trip to Italy I was motivated by one thing and one thing alone: to find the best food. In a culinary country such as Italy I didn’t expect to have much trouble. Even the cheap pizza or gelato that was obviously less-than-authentic tasted better than anything I’d had before. Maybe it was the air in Italy, but everything just tastes better there.

Nevertheless I was determined to find the best foods when visiting Rome. That’s when I discovered this Rome food tour so I quickly booked it for my first day in Rome. I’d never taken a food tour before but I figured what better way to check out the food scene in Rome than with a personal guide to finding the best restaurants and local food? After reading more about the tour, I discovered it would likely be one of the best things to do in Rome—which, in fact, it was 🙂

Why? Well not only did they take me on a food tour around one of Rome’s most historic and foodie neighborhoods (and one that’s less touristy, too!), but they provided me with a map of Rome which included listings of all their personal favorite restaurants. My guide also pointed me in the direction of what turned out to be my favorite pizza in Rome. Some of my food highlights in Rome included:

  • Suppli’ — It’s an Italian snack—a fried ball stuffed with risotto rice and it’s delicious!
  • Filleti di Baccala — It’s essentially fried cod fish but lots of places serve it up in a paper napkin and you eat it as a snack.
  • Gelato — Well, this is obvious. The Italian ice cream was even better than you imagine! My food tour guide also taught me how to tell the difference between real & fake gelato.
  • Shaved ice — The snow cones (or shaved ice) at Sora Mirella la Grattachecca is probably the only thing worth eating on a hot summer day in Rome. You can get it with fresh fruit or just the play sugary, syrupy kind.

If you’re planning to visit Italy, there’s no better way to explore the country than through it’s food. And while you’re there, consider taking a food tour to get more local tips.

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    1. Let me know if you take the tour Lex! It’s such a great way to get introduced to Rome—otherwise I think the city can be slightly overwhelming…

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