Driving Across a Socially Distanced America


During COVID-19, what can you do to highlight the changes and needs in our country and communities? Brian Bowen Smith got into his car to drive across America and document this unique time.

Reese Witherspoon was an early supporter of Brian Bowen Smith‘s series of socially-distanced portraits of diverse people across America during the COVID-19 quarantine. He has been traveling throughout our country in his 1958 Ford f100 taking thought-provoking and awe-inspiring photographs. Not only are these photos an incredible snapshot of this moment in our history but he is also donating all proceeds of the book he has created, Drivebys, to Feeding America!


From Brian Bowen Smith: “We have traveled over 11,000 miles documenting the “sign of our times” raising funds for @feedingamerica 

“The Book” is available for presale NOW: “It is a coffee table book that captures the soul of American culture through the windows of my 1958 Ford F100.”

“What started out as taking a drive to snap a few photos, in my old girl “Pearl…” a classic 1958 Ford F100, has grown into a multi-faceted cross-country project of a lifetime. The journey implements the new-normal of Social Distancing while documenting the soul of American culture during the Covid-19 World Pandemic. At a time when a mandated quarantine plagues our beautiful country, this project encompasses the raw essence of the human condition, our sentimental traditions…and at its core, the heart of our people…from sea to shining sea.”

“Emotions are high, as everyone I have met throughout this journey has touched my heart. We have traveled 11,000  miles and documenting the “sign of our times” while doubling as a vehicle to raise funds for Feeding America.”

“Everyone I spoke to seemed to be in the same boat. They are scared and frustrated,” Smith said. “Most just want to get back to their normal life.”

“It definitely changed the way that I look at life now,” Smith said. “Who knows, maybe the world can be a better place when this is all over. Then again…maybe not. But I sure hope so.”

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#bbsdrivebys “The Book” is available for presale NOW


Evan B. Stone

Evan B. Stone is Director Of Photography at Expedition Unknown on Discovery and CH at Ping Pong Productions Adventure Filmmaker. He has been Director/DP/Editor for Expedition Unknown, Ghost Nation, Destination Truth, Naked & Afraid, American Ninja Warrior, Amazing Race. See his adventure reel at vimeo.com/330177234

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