The earthquake that shocked Nepal last month left more than 8,000 dead as well as over 20,000 injured and countless more left homeless.  Recovery efforts have been slow as the country’s already crumbling infrastructure has deteriorated even more after the earthquake, essentially cutting off aide routes to remote villages spread out over the country.  In return, many people and communities that need supplies the most are not receiving them in a timely matter which has hindered the rebuilding process.

Even though the earthquake happened more than a month ago, continuing funds and donations are needed in order to help out the people.  Loss of loved ones can never be recovered or replaced but housing and health can be.  It will take years to rebuild what was destroyed and therefore, continuing funds are needed to aid and assist in their recovery.  There are many NGOs and volunteers that are in the country right now and are aiding in the rebuilding process.  A great group of people that is helping to lead the way in the rebuilding are Doctors for You.

Doctors for you is in the country doing everything they can to help victims out in every way possible.   They are a registered non profit organization that operates out of the USA.  They have many projects going on around the world but since the earthquake, they have devoted most of their time and efforts to the Nepalese people.  Currently, they are helping out the Nepalese community in three main ways:

1. Supporting Ministry of Health & Population in strenthening the tertiary care hospitals in Kathmandu and damaged hospitals in other districts functional by providing Medicine, Ortopedic Implants for surgeries , Ventilators for serious aptients and Xray machines for trauma patient care.  (We have supplies 5 Xrays, 5 Ventilators and 4 trucks of medicines and orthopedic implants so far)
2. Running health centres in remote places- we have started clinincs in Nuwakot district and soon going to start in Sindhupal & Lalitpur district also as many foreign teams will returns back soon in next 2-3weeks
3. Supporting Public health services especially related with Water-Sanitation, Services for pregnant women and adolescent girls.
These doctors are running low on both supplies and money to help out the community.  They have set up a fundraising site to raise funds for their cause.  Even though the earthquake happened awhile ago, they still need more funds to continue operating within the country.  The recovery is a slow, long process that will take many years to correct.  By donating to these doctors, you are helping to ensure that supplies get to the people that need them the most.  Please help out their cause by making a donation to them today.
UPDATE JUNE 12, 2015; Dr. Ravikant Singh reported that “we are also supporting District Hospital Nuwakot for the next thee Months as they were facing huge shortage of doctors. Only two for 250,000 population referral hospital. During monsoon season, the patient load will increase further so we are providing specialized doctors, nurses and other staffers to run this hospital.”

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