Planning a TOURific Summer


Where are your vacation plans taking you this summer? Disneyland? A national park? Europe? Having a stay-cation to enjoy your own local attractions? This summer I will get to meet people from around the world as they come to Los Angeles!  I am a tour guide, and I proudly showcase the history and glamour of Hollywood, widely known as the movie capital of the world! I consider myself somewhat of an Ambassador of So Cal as I seek out news stories, historic landmarks and pop culture tidbits to share with my guests. But it took me a while to find this exciting career. I have a few other professions under my belt including elementary teacher, youth and teen activity coordinator, focus group moderator and special events coordinator for a non-profit organization. One of my most memorable jobs was serving as a crew member for Princess Cruises! It was so exciting waking up each day to a new port, interesting sights and most importantly new foods to enjoy!

There are days when I miss the ship life and the carefree days spent on the world’s most beautiful beaches. Even though I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively, I can say there’s no place like home. My husband Matt, who’s a commercial pilot by trade, came up with the idea of forming a local tour company so that we could create our own jobs. Would you believe we met when Matt moved in next door and became my neighbor? My friends find it funny that I had traveled the world and found my mate here in my own backyard in Playa del Rey! In May 2010 we exchanged vows on Hubbard Glacier in Juneau, Alaska just two months before we launched our company TOURific Escapes. Toasting our marriage with clear, crisp glacier water is something I’ll never forget.

Back in Los Angeles with Matt as the driver and me as the tour guide, we highlight the Sites and Bites of Hollywood in our cozy 14 passenger van. You don’t really know a neighborhood until you’ve experienced the local cuisine, and here in Hollywood we visit landmark eateries, celebrity chef-owned restaurants and really fun places that have interesting stories and even better food! Have you ever tried lavender ice cream? What about Kaya Toast? Crack bacon anyone? If you find yourself planning a trip to Los Angeles and not sure where to start, let TOURific Escapes kick off your experience with a day in Hollywood. Wherever your summer travels may take you, take time to explore the Sites & Bites around you!

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