Do You Want Your Travel to Australia to be Easy and Delicious?


Air New Zealand’s Business Premier

Makes Australia Travel Easy and Delicious

Business Premier on Air New Zealand transforms what is oft considered to US travelers, one of travel’s most daunting flights from an act of endurance to one of luxury. So good is it, that now, with a quick connection and a painless chance to stretch your legs in Auckland, you’ll be excited to get back to your seat as your journey carries you on to Sydney, Australia to explore OZ just like I did. Here are some of the highlights of my superb flight to the other side of the world.

A variety of wines during Air New Zealand’s Business Premier in flight service

Food- Air New Zealand is as much a culinary experience as it is an experience in the air. Famed New Zealand chefs Peter Gordon and Michael Meredith are the minds behind Air New Zealand’s innovative dishes. Air New Zealand uses fresh, local vegetables and the highest quality meats and fish to bring to travelers not just a delicious and healthy but an exciting meal. On the menu for starters, perhaps a char sui pork filet with chili, pickled shiitake, wok fried gai lan and hoisin mayonnaise… If you’re like me, you might initially need to bring google into the dining experience, but take my word.  It is amazing. Follow this exotic appetizer up with a red wine braised beef check with colcannon mash, rosemary carrots and green beans. Desert might be a fig and honey ice cream with blackberry sauce or a salted caramel swirl cheesecake. All meals on board are served with fresh baked bread and homemade butter.

Welcome on board New Zealand Air

Wine- Where there is good food, so to must there be wine. And when on a fourteen-hour flight, the tastier the wine, the better… and for some the more the better. New Zealand has long been known for their wines and they bring the nation’s passion to the flight experience. Air New Zealand is, in fact, the largest server of New Zealand wines in the world and the wines are curated by internationally acclaimed wine critics Jim Harre and Bob Belsham. Start the flight with a glass of champagne, try some wine pairings, and finish with a desert wine just before you drift off to sleep or check out the….

In Flight Entertainment– In Flight entertainment has come a long way across the board. But Air New Zealand takes in-flight entertainment to the next level. With literally hundreds of films and television shows at your disposal, you’ll check off every Oscar contender you missed during Award season, watch a classic or two perhaps from the entire Star Wars Saga and then have time left over to catch up a few episodes of your favorite show. Bonus-Even the pre-flight video has been carefully thought out. Using local celebrities, Air New Zealand’s beautifully produced pre-flight videos stimulate the traveler’s wanderlust, offering tidbits about far flung places like Antarctica.  Still learn safety but also be entertained and inspired before the flight even takes off.

 Fully Reclining Beds means little jetlag- This is the big one. Flights take off overnight so after a three-course meal and a movie or two, have the flight attendant (who will address you by name) turn your comfortable seating pod into a full bed. Not a crooked neck and achy back kind of deal…The real deal.  A memory foam mattress is placed over your fully reclined chair and footrest, then covered with a duvet and feather pillow allowing you to sleep like you were in your own bed. Two hours before landing, your seat is returned to normal and you can adjust the lower lumbar support for an easy landing as you enjoy a perfectly cooked omelet and more fresh local bread. As the sun rises in your final destination, you disembark fed, happy and ready to begin your day.

You don’t have to fly all the way down under to enjoy Air New Zealand- Air New Zealand now offers flights to London as well as Sydney and Australia. For departing destinations check



2 responses to “Do You Want Your Travel to Australia to be Easy and Delicious?

  1. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 8 years since we visited Australia and New Zealand. Time to bump both destinations back to the top of the travel list and flying in style with Air New Zealand would be nice, especially if we could fly on their All Blacks Boeing 777.

  2. I have never been to Australia but i have relatives there. I am soo looking forward to going there on a vacation, if only it would not be so far.

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