Beauty On The Road


by Penny Sadler

Traveling isn’t as easy as it used to be. TSA restrictions on carry-on items, weight limitations, and checked luggage fees, make it more difficult than ever. Trying to decide what you can’t live without and what you can jettison, requires some serious mental gymnastics. Add to this the possibility of delayed flights, rental car agencies that actually don’t have a car ready for you upon arrival, overbooked hotels, you name it, anything can happen. And that can wreck havoc on your hair, your skin and your mood.

Beauty and grooming products have taken an especially hard hit with the new 3- 1-1 limit. Moisturizers, hand lotions, shaving creams, shampoos, sunscreen and some cosmetics most often come, in a liquid or gel formulation. But don’t despair, I’ve got some ideas how to combat the TSA, and other travel gremlins, and still look stylish on the road.


I’ve selected a few items that in my opinion are absolute necessities, whether you’re on a extended hiatus or a weekend getaway.


1. A really great scarf, in a color that you know looks good on you. Blue is a safe choice for just about anyone, especially a royal or dark denim shade of blue. Obviously it’s especially flattering if you have blue eyes. If your eyes are green, try a lavender scarf or a print with a dominant shade of green. Your eyes will “pop” and you’ll look instantly more awake and pulled together.  Any color that is either complimentary or matches your eye color will be perfect.  A scarf can keep you warn as needed, ad flair to your wardrobe and color is psychological pick-me-up.



2. Comfortable but stylish shoes. Let’s face it, when your feet hurt, it shows. You look tired and your posture is going to suffer. When you are standing up straight, you’ll feel better mentally and you’ll look more confident.


3. A variety of hair ornaments and hats that will fold up. You can quickly change your look, and feel groomed and sophisticated. Maybe there’s no hot water in your hotel room, or you’ve been traveling for twelve plus hours and have a serious case of airplane head.  Or maybe you just don’t have time to wash your hair. Pop on a hat or pull your hair back with a pretty pony tail holder. Whether you sport long or short tresses, you can use clips and hats to hide a multitude of sins.



4. A makeup kit.  My basic kit contains: concealer, mascara and blush. You could try a crème blush stick that can double as a lip color. If your skin is oily you’ll need to add powder or blotting papers. It will take you five minutes to apply all of these products but you’ll feel like a million bucks.


5. A basic skincare kit. Cleansing wipes for cleaning off the days grime and any makeup you wore, and a moisturizer with SPF. A few additional items that are not a must, but that I always take are, an eye moisturizer and cotton cleansing pads. The skin under the eyes is different than the rest of the face, thinner and more delicate. I use the cotton pads and an alcohol- free toning lotion for cleaning the residue off my skin in the morning. At night I use the wipes and follow up with the toning lotion and moisturizer. It’s an extra step but I think it’s worth it. People tell me I have great skin so I must be doing something right!

There you go. A few items that will weigh less than three pounds but will be worth their weight in gold.


Penny Sadler is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist with a long list of credits in television and event production. Perhaps because of her career, she has a special fondness for Italy, where beauty is a natural part of daily life. She writes for both travel and beauty publications, and is a frequent guest and beauty expert on a local lifestyle program.  She loves to travel and pursue  her passion  for photography and prosecco.  You can find her online at and Adventures of a Carry-on.





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