A Day in Salzburg Austria


Salzburg AustriaA Day in Salzburg Austria
As I walked up the wooded beaten path up to the top of the hill I was greeted by the cool refreshing air of early morning. Forests, with their green leaves and unyielding presence, always had a special place in my heart. It is during times, when I am surrounded by nature, that I truly feel alive and connected with the world. So when I finally reached the top of the hill I was greeted by a wonderful site that would stay with me for the rest of my life. When I looked at the ground below and in front of me all I could see for miles was green hills full of trees, small clumps of houses, and the bright blue sky filled with just a few white fluffy clouds. The fairytale like scenery was all I could ever hope for in a place, and it was in that moment that I completely fell in love with Salzburg Austria.

Having grown up in the city I always looked forward to the days when my family and I would go somewhere far from the same old every day buildings and scenery that I knew. I loved the idea of experiencing new cultures, landscapes, and atmospheres thrilling and exciting and ultimately ended up becoming my inspiration to travel to new places. Because my family also loved to travel I have had the ability to visit many different places. But I have to say that one of the best trips I have ever went on did not occur till a little over a year ago when I decided to go on a school trip to Europe during the summer of 2012. While on this trip I was able to visit three different countries, Germany, Austria, and Italy, the most memorable of them being Austria.

When I first boarded the flight to Europe I had no idea what was in store for me. Having never been to Europe before, I had no idea what to expect. So when the time came that my fellow students and I finally arrived in Salzburg Austria I was overwhelmed at how beautiful the area was. Compared to Rome, with its never ending buildings, Salzburg was open and spacious making it easier to get around and to explore the area. The next day we traveled to an even smaller town in Salzburg that was right by an old salt mine, which people can still visit today. Because it was such a small town there were not very many people there and the people we did see wore clothing such as Austrian styles suits and dresses. Before we went into the salt mine we were given time to explore the town. As we walked around the town the rich culture could be seen everywhere, in the houses, the church, and even in the people. For example, the architecture of the church was elaborate, with its bell tower and brick walls. The style was also very different compared to most churches in Indiana and while I was not able to see the inside of the church, because there was a service currently taking place, I’m sure the inside would be just as elaborate as the outside. However, my favorite part of exploring the town was seeing the scenery, which was so vastly different from where I grew up. Where Indiana was full of plains and farmland, Austria was full of hills and trees. The enormous difference in landscape amazed me to no end and I could not help but feel another other than awe at its beauty. One moment that I’ll never forget is standing on top of one of the many hills and peering out at the land that seemed to go on forever with its multitude of hills, trees, and houses. It was scenes like this that made me truly appreciate the world we live in because unlike many of the other places I visited on that trip, this place was void of the pollution, clutternes, and overall business of big towns and cities.

Salzburg Austria is mainly known because of its role in the Sound of Music, and for being the birthplace of Beethoven. The Sound of Music had always been one of my favorite musicals so when I first discovered that Salzburg was where the Sound of Music was filmed I was incredible exited to be able to see Salzburg for myself. However, Salzburg is much more than that. It’s wonderful scenery felt almost too good to be real and it’s culture and history was fascinating to learn about. Being both a historical and scenic town Salzburg had everything I could want in a travel destination. Salzburg will always be one of my favorite places to visit.

About the Author: I’m Alexis Albrecht. I was born in the United the States and have lived there ever since. I am currently a student at Anderson University and I love the outdoors and traveling. One of my many goals is to be able to travel to every continent in the world.

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