Copenhagen: More than smoked herring


Grand Danois all-pork hot dogs at Andersen Bakery in Copenhagen
Grand Danois all-pork hot dogs at Andersen Bakery

Copenhagen has countless virtues, but who knew one of them would be a hot dog?

Andersen Bakery, located on the edge of the historic Tivoli amusement park, has a main store for sales of pastries and baked goods, but take note of its demure walk-in extension. This is where we found the meaty goodness of the Grand Danois, a hot dog worthy of its name.

According to the display sign, the organic pork sausage from the Danish island of Bornholm is “Topped with organic ketchup, mustard from Bornholm, handmade remoulade, handmade crispy onions and homepickled cucumbers.”


Three options

My husband and I sat on bar stools at the tiny window counter, and we critiqued the hot dog’s virtues. The soft bun was lightly toasted. The slightly chewy meat had a perfect porky, smokey, hammy flavor. The toppings combined salty, crunchy, tangy, zippy and creamy. Best. Hot. Dog. Ever.

The smoked salmon sandwich at the Café Glyptotek in Copenhagen
The smoked salmon sandwich at the Café Glyptotek

The experience was so pleasing that after we went to Mikkeller microbrewery for a few pints of craft beer, we walked back to Andersen Bakery to eat two more Grand Danois.

If you want a little change up on the bun and toppings, try The French. It is the same organic pork sausage, but it comes in a wholegrain baguette and includes homemade French dressing.

Pork is my passion, but if you prefer beef, try The Bulldog. This organic halal veal and beef sausage has the same toppings as the Grand Danois.


Salmon and sculptures

If, by some tragedy, these hot dogs do not completely satisfy you, walk around the perimeter of Tivoli to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Not only does this art museum offer antique sculptures and impressionist paintings, but its Café Glyptotek is highly regarded. It is located on an interior terrace overlooking the Winter Garden. No doubt the garden’s palm trees offer a pleasant respite during cold, dark winter nights.

Potato sandwich at Café Hovedtelegrafen in Copenhagen
Potato sandwich at Café Hovedtelegrafen

The café menu offers mainly organic and sustainable ingredients. The day we visited, we enjoyed an open-faced smoked salmon sandwich, a Carlsberg beer (of course) and a tangy lemon tart.


Spuds with your stamps

The airy Café Hovedtelegrafen is located on the top floor of the Post and Tele Museum. Its roof top views include the Round Tower and the Marble Church landmarks.

The potato sandwich featured cold sliced new potatoes, a dollop of sour cream, minced green onions and chopped red onions stacked on an impressively high fiber slice of brown bread. Even if you don’t like radishes, try the creamy side dish. The Easter egg radishes are sweeter and less bitter than traditional American radishes.

 Raspberry filed shortbread cookie at Holm's Bager counter at ILLUM's department store


What’s for dessert?

For some decadent baked goods, take the escalator to the basement of the fashionable ILLUM’s department store to Holm’s Bager counter.

I had to try the layered cookie with sprinkles on top. Even though I hoped for a savory bacon and pistachio cookie, there was raspberry filling between the two shortbread cookies.


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