Leagues of water in Venezuela


      You cannot really tell how immense the sea is when you are looking at it from the beach, you know is huge, is right there in front of you, expanding for miles and you know that when you go to it you cannot just keep on walking inside it since eventually you will find your feet no longer touch the soft sand at the bottom, and despite the fact that you realize on some level all of this by simply looking longingly into this big mass of bluish-greenish water, you don’t catch upon the fact of how far it goes… not until you go above it or simply to a gazebo and from there, you are amazed.

            This happened to me, not long ago. I was sharing a nice day with my family at the beach, we love being there, at any beach in any part of world, name it we will be there because we come from a place where the sea runs in our systems, we long for it. But back to the point, it was time for us to go after spending hours bathing at the beach and sleeping under an umbrella with the sound of the ocean right next to us, lulling us into this spectacular relaxed state, I hope you know which one, is a perfect state of mind. We knew there was something up in the mountain, we could see it from the beach, and the entire we were there we were wondering, what is up there? We literally asked ourselves that very question, we could see cars going up and down that hill, little dots moving in the distance. So the time came, we got in our car and decided to go up there, we passed hotels and residential buildings, and still we went up, more and more, until we reached this wonderful place in the mountains, a gazebo to call it by some name, and it was breath-taking to see the sea from that particular spot, to feel the wing in your face, your summer dress lifting up with every current of air or lapping at your legs, we could see the island shaped like a turtle, the fishing ships below us, way below.

            And it felt really emotional, motivating and inspiring to be there. It makes you want for more, you realize how little you could be but you are not, even when you are just a chess piece in the whole wide world, you are still an important one; you can hope, wish and accomplish more than what you already have. You can do anything, the sense of freedom you get from this kind of places, being miles up, away from the noises, the city, the cluster of people that are not even seeing what surrounds them while you walk, and who only make you wish to be home just so you are not close to so many soulless humans; when you go to the top of the world or as close to it as you can be, you realize at that moment, how your life dreams can come true.

            That was how I discovered or rather how I remembered, that nature is the most beautiful thing in this universe, that untouched and unsullied part of the world. This place is in Venezuela, is the ‘Mirador Turístico Virgen Del Valle’. Many places in my country are amazing and worth seeing, and this is definitely one of those with its spectacular view and even more amazing power to make you feel.

            Can you imagine having a house is such a place? And I am not talking simply of this particular spot with its view of leagues of water, I am referring to a place in the middle of nature, a cabin in a forest, a house in a mountain, four walls by a lake, anything like this, a dwelling where you are able to let yourself go and where your mind can be as creative as it can get, I definitely can picture it.

Never give up on your dreams and remember to always chase after them, until you grasp them to never let go. 

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