Last-Hour Beach, Ghana


It is quite delightful, thoughtful and insightful to unfold the trend of events coupled with certain scenario which specifically take place at the subject-line setting which is located in the ‘Western Region’ of the nation, Ghana.(West Africa)

‘Last Hour’ literally ‘End Period’ in a view-point or perspective of the ordinary person on the street. For so many years, this place serve as a locale for both the discerning young and old alike. Well, it’s obvious always seconds turn to minutes ad hours turn to days as far as matters of humanity and nature are concern. To the educated mind, man’s life-style is characterized with the act of love-making, merry-making and money-making which also bring about moment of leisure and pleasure, precisely after periods of hard work. Frankly, Saturdays and Sundays are often associated with church activities and other social functions both in the Christian cycles as well as traditional ways of livelihood. Notwithstanding, being a witness as well irregular attendee to the place especially on Sundays when coping with the harsh scotching sun condition becomes unbearable. Besides, swimming in the shallow sea becomes an alternative option to ensure satisfaction and comfortability.
Last-Hour Beach is an area as well arena with purely culture-like outlook in terms of its decorative ambiance which often attract both the local folks and global expatriates. Without mincing words, sights and sounds of locally produced music takes domination whenever special occasional event take place there. Sometimes, the enticement of romantic ‘Love-Birds’ present set the lonely man to an atmosphere of seemingly emotional conduct. However, every Sunday bring to bear togetherness of both family members and student friends with oneness of hearts in merry-making, precisely in an act of drinking all kinds of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic brands of beverages. More-so, eating all kinds of foods ranging from ‘Kebab’ meats to fried-rice meals is quite convenient for all and sundry.
Last-Hour Beach, during ordinary week days can serve as suitable place for the religious mind with respect to the act of meditation on specific days such as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it can also serve as an ideal place for relaxation and sensation. I has spacious environment for vehicles to park, whiles the kids can also be entertained in the beach sands when it comes to varieties of sports meant for exercising the muscles. Perhaps, this piece of article remains incomplete without dealing with diverse forms of attitudes, characters and behaviors of certain individuals who come to the place with negative mindset, viz being careful not to leave money in the pocket or mobile phone in the bag. This will help to avert from facial expression of melancholy as if a person has been robbed from his or her life partner. Generally, LHB – Last Hour Beach is a comfortable place of socialization, familiarization and inspiration for both citizens and non-citizens alike.

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