Living on Ghana Time

Living on Ghana Time

At first light, a flock of birds broadcast their sandpaper calls from the tops of two tall palm trees next to the house. Soon after, the neighbors begin sweeping the shared courtyard, the swish-swish of twig brooms insisting that we get up, too, and start the day in the relative cool of an African dawn. … Continued

Blue Like Desire: An excerpt from Love At The Speed Of Email

In Love At The Speed Of Email, two humanitarian workers defy the uncertainties of distance and the isolation of working in some of the world’s most remote and challenging corners to build a long distance relationship entirely via email. As they risk love, the narrator struggles to better understand the legacies of her nomadic childhood … Continued

Ghana: Once upon a moment

It was the Christmas holidays, the perfect excuse to have a good time away from work and the usually bustling everyday life. I didn’t think twice before agreeing to an invitation by my sister to spend it with her family in Ghana, a country over four hundred kilometers away from Lagos, Nigeria. I, alongside my … Continued

Ghana: Small Victories

I started the morning off with a bucket shower. I attempted to scoop up water that had the least amoeba-like creatures wriggling in it. I always found it a help that not wearing glasses while showering allowed me to employ the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of thinking that was needed when pouring … Continued

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