Bright Lights, Big City in the USA


I have always been interested in both film and music and the way the creative process works for both, but was unable to choose which brought more passion to my life.  It wasn’t until I started back at college, this past year, to complete my degree, that things started to turn around.  It has taken me ten years, due to many financial struggles and lack of confidence in myself, for me to be able to finally get back into school. Taking my Intro to Theatre class, and being introduced to If/Then’s soundtrack at the same time, something just “clicked” inside and I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.  From that moment on, and every day since, I have felt such a strong desire to become involved with the workings of theatre and music. I want to help bring original musicals to Broadway (similar to RENT and If/Then) and share the joy they have brought to my life with others.

Like Idina Menzel’s character, Elizabeth, I am also in my thirties and looking to start anew. I connect with the song, “No more wasted time” on a deep level for this reason.  I want to start my life bigger and better than ever and stop living “stuck”. I need to stop living life waiting for it to get better. I need to take charge of it and take risks to better my future.  I have tried living in small towns in various states along the east coast with no avail.  Even with fresh starts, something was always missing.

I feel New York City is that missing piece.  It is a place full of possibilities.  Even just the idea of the city at this point, gives me the strength and hope I need to keep plugging away at my dream.  It is where I will be able to be my true self and not have to look back on what could have been.  Although I have been there before, I will be traveling there for my birthday with a whole different outlook and excitement for the city.  I will be able to submerge myself in the sights and culture, not just as a tourist, but as someone who will feel “at home” for the first time knowing that this is where I am meant to be, and what I am meant to do.

 I strongly believe that this is my time to shine.  The song says “No more wasted time, not one more day.” That is something I have been trying to live by ever since.  I constantly am reminding myself that it doesn’t matter what setbacks I come across, as long as I follow my passion and my dream, anything is possible.  Taylor Swift’s new song, “Welcome to New York”, has also stuck with me since this revelation for my future.  The lyrics:

Everybody here wanted something more

Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before

And it said

Welcome to New York

It’s been waiting for you


add to the feeling of this beautiful city calling to me.   New York City, theatre, If/Then, and the music of Idina Menzel and Taylor Swift have helped continue to inspire me every day to never give up. I have never felt or wanted something so strongly for my life before.  For that, I will forever be grateful to the city of New York and the magic of theatre for giving me a new purpose and a positive outlook on life again.  “No more wasted time. No more holding back”.  I am ready to live my life the way it was meant to be!

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  1. Go for it Becky! No place on earth like NYC. Even though I live in tropical paradises all over the world these days I spent 36 years of my life living in New Jersey, right across from The City. NYC is one of THE spots for you to pursue your dreams because it really is chock filled to the brim with opportunities. Keep on inspiring Becky!


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