Nigeria: My school My tale

Nigeria: My school My tale

My admission to a State University made me a somewhat traveler. From my house to School was a two hours journey which I do almost every week. My admission was a thing of joy. Running out from the computer village where I checked my result and straight to our house, in high spirits, my heart … Continued

Iao Valley, USA

Iao Valley The chilled stream, which traverses through peaceful botanical gardens in the depths of Iao Valley, once turned a vibrant crimson from the bleeding bodies of fallen soldiers. In 1790 Kamehameha I, in an attempt to unite the Hawaiian Islands, battled Kalanikupule, leader of Maui and Maui’s army. Maui’s army, equipped only with spears … Continued

Grateful for the Tides in Bermuda

Grateful for the Tides As a child I spent much of my time in the summer splashing about in the shallows of Flatt’s Inlet in my sub-tropical island home of Bermuda.  On summer afternoons my parents would sit on the grass in the shade of swaying palm trees as my brother and I would seek … Continued

On the Strangest Sea in the USA

Otters, half-covered in kelp and half-asleep, are floating in the briny seawater to our left. There are also brown, glistening sea lions basking on the brown, glistening rocks nearby, braying at biscuit-munching tourists and at each-other. And sea birds, squawking loudly, thrashing their wings overhead and underfoot. The ocean itself is wailing like a fiend … Continued

Mind Transcending in Nigeria

Mind transcending The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. My journey of trillions of miles begins with one thought. It doesn’t matter where I am, all I have to do is to be at peace with myself and I can travel far, far away to a land where I am profoundly happy. … Continued

Space Race in the USA

It’s 7 o’clock and as I leave the house the dawn-lit eastern face of the Sierra Nevada mountains looms above me.  A wide path through golden browns of brittle sages leads me to my first stop, a small abandoned bungalow, and then on to a small workshop filled with barely used tools and unfinished projects—all … Continued

Solo in the Sierras, USA

My headlamp swings like a pendulum, hanging from a carabiner clipped to the top of my tent, casting a cone of light on the void of space next to my sleeping bag—the naked nylon of the tent floor reminding me of one thing—this time, I am alone. I had been crafting the ten day Sierra … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel