Mind Transcending in Nigeria


Mind transcending

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. My journey of trillions of miles begins with one thought. It doesn’t matter where I am, all I have to do is to be at peace with myself and I can travel far, far away to a land where I am profoundly happy. My far-away land.


Who says you have to leave your house to travel? Who says the journey must be physical? Well I would agree with you if you say so, after all I have never conformed to the norm and I am not about to change.

My place of profound gratitude and peace is not one I can point out for it is within. However I can attempt to describe it.

It is a place of love. Where all worries suspend into nothingness and all is calm. In this place I can talk freely, I can walk freely; I even spread my wings and fly. I flap them hard and feel the breeze spraying on my face. I sway and swerve and feel weightless upon the wind. I tell myself stories that make me smile. I cry tears of joy for the profoundness that surrounds and overwhelms me.

The air is fresh, the water is calm. Dancing to every string, the strings I play. It is love, it is music, call it whatever you wish but I still cannot call it anything because it transcends all.

This is a journey one should make every day. A journey free of fear, strife and pain. As easy and unrealistic as it may sound I am grateful that I can make this trip. Even during extremely busy days when time eludes me, I still am grateful and I look forward to that day when I can make this trip. So far, far away; yet as near as it could be.

I am grateful that I carry this place around with me wherever I go. It is an indestructible force that keeps me hopeful, it keeps me strong and also grateful. It is big enough to contain us, yet small enough to cover the void. It is a place that you should go, to seek the rest that you sincerely need. Worry not for I will take you there with me some day. Wonder not for we both shall make this trip and what a trip it shall be; for you shall marvel, and for that I am grateful.

Everything hits me and brings me to reality and yet elevates me to another realm far beyond my mundane comprehension. The songs that I alone hear but I know were never meant for my ears alone. The stories that envelope every note that I know you would love to hear. Ponder not my friend for I shall share it all, because this journey was never meant for me alone; but for the brave and the strong. For whenever I travel I feel strong and grateful yet hopeful that someday soon I shall not travel alone but in your company. For as many times in your company as you agree to embark on this journey with me. In thousands and millions; over galaxies and yet this sparks me up to reality. So marvel not my dear, for it is a journey we both shall take. And I feel honoured to be your tour guide through it all. For what a privilege it shall be to travel with you.


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  1. Well this is quite interesting and will fasten my seat belt as we all take a ride to the realm of profound gratitude. Count me in. Cheers!

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