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My admission to a State University made me a somewhat traveler. From my house to School was a two hours journey which I do almost every week. My admission was a thing of joy. Running out from the computer village where I checked my result and straight to our house, in high spirits, my heart leaped in joy and my eyes blazed in happiness.
I got home and met Dad and Mum sitting in the parlor of our two rooms. I gave dad the printed result but he was happy and sad. I knew he must have considered tuition fees and the rest. His face grew pale, he held the result but said nothing.
Somehow, we managed to raise the money. Anyways, friends and well wishers also contributed. We started preparations to leave for school and after all the arrangements before I left, Dad came to me and said ‘ Gratitude could turn a meal into a feast’. These words inspired me.
I have always felt strong, Inspired and hopeful. Although things are not working all well now, I know there is still hope ~ its a matter of time.
Coming out from my house, I boarded a cab that took me to a park. The fare was very expensive compared to what I was given. I had to look for an alternative. I decided to toodle towards school and lucky enough, I met a parked white turned brown bus. The lights were bad, a string was used to tie the door to the roof of the bus. It meant that if you are inside, the door could not be opened unless the driver stops to open it himself.
Inside the bus was dusty, bonny and over-adjusted. I sat in the middle of two women and I bet you they smelled like skunks. One of the women asked where I was going and I said school and she asked again why didn’t I take a bus from the park? So I said money was the issue mar. She kept quiet for some time and said she doesn’t have anything and as I could see, she was coming from the market. She dipped her hand in a bag brought a small polythene bag and gathered some tomatoes from the basket under her seat and gave it to me. Well, I thanked her and remembered my Dad ‘Gratitude could turn a meal into a feast’
Soon, I got to my school gate. The sun smiled happily and the heat was felt by all. I dropped my luggage in my hostel and headed to my department. My journey was hectic, students moved up and down the school and the tension was high. As a new intake, I had complications with my course registration and my name was removed from the list of first year students in my department.
In confusion, I went to see our Head of Department. Although we have heard stories about him being a strict man who could easily walk you out of his office if you minced words talking to him.
I sat on the cushion in my department wanting to see him. My heart skipped in threes, fours and even fives if I counted well. Sometimes I could just here the beats. When he came out from the secretary’s office, my heart leaped outside my shirt I had to control myself. When he came closer, I calmly gretted good morning sir and presented a spurious smile. Lucky me! the reciprocity was amazing. Smiling back at me he replied good morning and asked how I was doing. Nervously, I replied fine thank you sir.
We walked to his office and he asked me in gave me a seat and asked what the problem was. After narration, it was rectified and I was happy again.
I stood up to leave and said thank you sir for your kindness, time and simplicity. So I made way to the door. Before I got to the door, he called back at me with a smile and asked me to sit down. I wondered if I have offended him. He asked my name again and my State. He said its been long since a student added simplicity to there thanking. He was happy and encouraged my attitude of gratitude and we have been friends. I remembered the words of my father ‘Gratitude could turn a meal into a feast’.
Great men are made by words, soothing words could break the strongest bones. I realised that words of gratitude are good seeds; gradually they work their way to the surface changing hearts, attitudes, futures and minds. Bringing peace, joy and reconciliation. Its a matter of time.


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