Gratitude To My Pinnacle in Nigeria

Shanksville – Time Out to Remember

Shanksville – Time Out to Remember Fall is a stunningly beautiful season in the Pennsylvania countryside. The hilly landscape rolls by, lush green turning to deep reds, oranges and yellows.  The road passes a series of small picture-postcard white farmhouses and a farm stand overflowing with pumpkins. Visitors seeking the Flight 93 National Memorial must … Continued

My Wellington, New Zealand

My Wellington As usual I’m running late so I pick a random t-shirt off my floor and throw it on, it doesn’t go with this skirt at all; the colours clash horribly but I don’t care because the weirder the better in Wellington. I run out the flat and slam the door closed behind me … Continued

The tranquility of spirit in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam, is a beautiful place where most Vietnamese dynasties have left their imprint, consider one of the main cultural centers of Vietnam. Hanoi have not experience thru wars and time but the city has many interesting cultural and historic monuments influences by Chinese and French. There are bursting with people, fascinating scenes, and rich … Continued

The Journey around the world

The journey. Travelling. How I first got bit I’m not sure, but the bug certainly had me. The only inhabited continent I’ve not visited is South America, and I have some good excuses up my sleeve for going there in the future. Every time you travel you end up with stories, have adventures. I’ve enough … Continued

Assateague Island Freedom, USA

The wind is chilly, blowing in from the Atlantic. Even though it’s May, and spring is hurrying on toward summer in the city, it hasn’t quite made it to the islands. Chincoteague. Practically everyone in America has grown up reading about it, and about the wild ponies on neighboring Assateague Island. I pull my too-thin … Continued

An Afternoon in Sibiu, Romania

The main square of Sibiu was my favorite destination on walks through the old city.  It was cobblestoned, with small streets and alleys branching out of it.  A fountain in the middle was the main attraction for children escaping the heat while their parents sat in surrounding cafes, each establishment out-advertising the other with huge … Continued

Walking Rome, Italy Alone

Walking Rome Alone   For me, Rome began with rain and tears. I arrived at the airport in the morning, and wanted to take public transport to my hostel to save money. A bus to Termini station, a train to the Colosseum, and a 40 minute walk left to go. It was cold and raining. … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel