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Mabuhay: A Look Born in the Philippines

Mabuhay: A Look Born in the Philippines My husband has a certain look. He gets that look whenever he talks with someone who knows, like he does, what it meant to live in the Philippines. It is a look of tested peace, a hidden crucible of understanding that connects those who have experienced it. He … Continued

Rhythm of Life in France

I am alone in the farmhouse. I know I am alone. The farmer left an hour ago. I saw his car disappear along the drive, past the linden trees, over the stream and round the corner into the forest. When I walk down to the kitchen the dog is fast asleep on the mat in … Continued

Cabal, Ethiopia

Cabal Grandpa collected coffee beans like a jewel thief. He could find traders in all the nooks and crannies of Addis, from the roadside shops in Meskel Flower to the huts at the Simien mountain base where the lonely widow hoarded her beans. He would bargain ferociously and always paid much less than he should … Continued

That Headland, Indonesia

As I get to the crown, I make out the jutting headlands on either side. I feel the wind dissolve brine into my pores. I smell the air with rain approaching and listen to the waves crashing, interspersed with the click and clack of the cars rushing over the concrete slabs below. I love walking … Continued

Feeling Ironic in China

Feeling Ironic in China Gratitude; a place that makes me feel strong, free, hopeful and inspired.. as I was pondering this, with my cranberry white mocha with extra cinnamon sprinkles I wandered to my retreat, a small wooden pagoda overlooking the Han River. I cast my mind back to my busy summer. A place I … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel