A Letter of Thanks to Halong Bay, Vietnam

Mt. Bromo, The Jewel of East Java

It was a very tired office week. I felt that I have no energy left to face another day. Out of the sudden, a friend from my college called and asked me to go to Mt. Bromo with him and another friend. I instantly agreed because of one reason.  I’d never been to Bromo, period. … Continued

Grateful for the journey in Australia

Grateful for the Journey It started with a dream in June 2012, shortly after my cat Hamish, the last of my animals, died. In that alternate landscape, I was climbing polished wooden stairs as large bay windows revealed the dark night sky on either side of the staircase. I tried to make out the stars … Continued

Hidden Treasure: Ambialet, France

In the heart of France’s Midi-Pyrenees lies a secret gem, a tiny town, a fairy tale. Ambialet. Here, on a September evening, the sunlight’s rays are Midas’ fingers, transforming the mountainside into a tiara that puts the Crown Jewels to shame. Leaves of emerald, topaz, and ruby adorn gilded branches; at the mountain’s summit, an eleventh-century … Continued

To Delhi with Love

  Just hours before I took my flight to India, a friend told me a story of a woman who’d been abducted in Delhi. She’d gone to use the bathroom in a restaurant, her friends had waited for her to return, but she never did. This was my friend’s way of warning me. I was … Continued

Meal in Heaven at Saburo’s, Oregon

An automatic smile highlights my face every time I’m at Saburo’s Sushi in Portland, Oregon. Going to the restaurant used to be a treat only for birthdays, and maybe once every few years, since there’s almost always a line at the door. In more recent times, I’ve been going there quite frequently and have established myself as a … Continued

Strenghtened By Fate in Kaduna, Nigeria

Barely two weeks after two churches were bombed in the city of Kaduna, Kaduna state, the postings for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was released and I was posted to Kaduna state. Naturally, I didn’t want to go there and proposed to defer my service as I told a friend who encouraged me to … Continued

Inspiration in Progress in the USA

Inspiration in Progress… I once read something long ago that has stuck with me until this day: “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” I hear it on repeat inside my head anytime I want to be lazy about my studies or anytime I think that I cannot achieve a goal. I … Continued

Whim Tripper, Australia

Whim Tripper By Ray Beard She stood on the clean white sand in her pink bikinis under a brilliant blue sky.  A few surfers were catching four feet waves gently rolling in on an otherwise smooth sea. It was all round a picture perfect scene, albeit if she had not been in the frame I … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel