The Charming Seaside Town of St Ives


Located in the far southwestern county of Cornwall, the town of St. Ives is one of England’s best coastal towns to vacation at and is gaining popularity on the international scene as well. It was even named the best seaside town of 2007 by the Guardian Newspaper. The charming town is located right on the seaside and offers breathtaking coastal scenery, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit. Historically, St. Ives is a fishing village and today, fishing boats can commonly be seen bobbing up and down in the harbor. The most popular activity is to visit one of the many golden sand beaches that is on offer, never very far away from the city center. After laying about in the sun for a few hours, many tourists decide to wander around the city center, where winding cobble stone streets offer treasures to be found all around the city, such as independent shops, museums, restaurants and art galleries.


One of the many cobblestone streets St. Ives has to offer

Seeing this pleasant town by foot is by far the most popular way to get around, as many of the streets are too narrow for cars to drive through. Exploring the meandering cobble stone streets by foot is a good way to really appreciate everything that St. Ives has to offer. Stumbling upon historical sites and unique art is inevitable as nearly every turn or curve in the road has something to offer. The town was founded in 1639 and has become known for the number of artists that have called St. Ives home. This has led to many art galleries being opened, as well as museums that showcase local history and culture.

St. Ives has a wide variety of accommodation, such as hotels, guesthouses and hostels. For a truly unique experience to this lovely town, the self-catering holiday option by renting out a cottage for a few days or, if time permits, a few weeks is by far the best way to explore this corner of the country. Visiting the English coastline this way is a more personable, yet private experience and is a sure way to have memories of St. Ives that will last a lifetime. Ranging from fisherman’s cottages on the seaside to farm cottages along the countryside and everything in-between, St Ives self-catering holiday cottages specializes in the self-catering holiday option and has the most choices available in the county.


Farm cottage in St. Ives

Obviously, visiting this small and peaceful corner of England should be on every traveler’s wish list. From laying on the beach to exploring it’s delightful, twisting streets, St. Ives has so much to offer. Getting there is very easy as there is a railway station, bus station in the city, with an airport not too far away. Driving to St. Ives from London is a short and scenic 6 hour drive, offering some of the most beautiful countryside England has to offer.

For more information about St. Ives and everything that it has to offer, please visit the lonely planet and for current events around the city, please visit The Cornwall local newspaper.

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