Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?

Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?

Article first published as Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?on Technorati. After the 30 year civil war ended, we decided to go to Sri Lanka last summer. Our friends enjoyed a month of great travel in September 2009 and encouraged us to go. Wondering about the impact of so many years of war, I was … Continued

Dice of Price or where to go?

Everyone is always asking us: Why Sri Lanka? How do you decide where to go?  George in Bundalla  One way we decide is the DICE OF PRICE. If we are considering several choices and one has a much better deal on the flight, that is where we go. Several years ago, George wanted to go to … Continued

That’s Wild

Last Friday, I went to the funeral for my friend, my father’s mentor and someone who was an important part of my family. All who spoke commented on his passion and living life to the fullest with a great commitment to family, dentistry, tennis and horseback riding. My wish for myself and for you is … Continued

From Sri Lanka to the Maldvies

An overview of the area where we are… From Sri Lanka to the Maldives is a short flight. We spent 2 nights in the capital city of Male at Candies Hotel and while wandering the streets we walked across the whole island. I think the artificial beach looked great. They are creating beach to deal with erosion problems. All … Continued

So much to see in Sri Lanka

There is so much to see in Sri Lanka….If only I could attach the photos…that will have to happen when we are back in LA after Aug 16……….At least we have internet and electricity and tonight hot water, but the photos we will add later. A few highlights: COLUMBO: At the Famous Galle Face Hotel we … Continued

Negombo, the Buddhist Trail, and more…

The Arrival After a harrowing 16+ hour flight,  we were told that we could remain in the Marhaba Lounge of the Dubai Airport for our 7 hour layover only if we had onward connections to Tehran.  We informed them that we did not have that connection, in fact maybe never, but the nice ladies decided … Continued

Sri Lanka June 21, 2010

Summer Adventure to Sri Lanka and the MaldivesWe leave June 21, 2010 for Sri Lanka. To receive updates from our blog, please add your email address in the box at the top right corner of the blog. Feedburner will send you an email immediately, once you activate the link sent to you, new posts will … Continued

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