Captain Obvious: Getting Fit for the Oval Office


The current presidential campaign might seem entertaining enough as it is but Captain Obvious is running to make a difference and to state well… what we already know, but in a hilarious way. is supporting the Captain’s run by giving him a warm place to sleep during his journey through all 50 states.


Simply following his Twitter feed will give you that needed dose of simplicity which most campaigns lack as well as a daily dose of the funnies. See what he had to say (and where he stayed) in your home state through a video short below.

Captain Obvious Runs for President – Nevada

How does one get involved you ask? Download one of the many Captain Obvious GIFS/green screens, or sip coffee from an official mug. You’ll be stating the obvious: Captain for president! Of course, like any good candidate, the Captain welcomes feedback. Ditch email and do it in an ultra 21st century way by using the hashtag #ObviousPresident. You can keep-up-to-date on his whereabouts, new commentary and interact, all through the official Twitter page.


The Captain always has fail-safe advice like “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So if you find an apple on the ground and there isn’t a tree nearby, I wouldn’t eat it.” Here’s to another grand presidential race!

Caitlyn O'Brien

Caitlyn is a 26-year-old Canadian with a passion for travel, futbol, and more recently kayaking in her new Patagonian home: Futaleufú. She teaches English at a local school and loves turning her daily experiences into stories.

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