Capitals Along the Danube River


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The Danube River flows through four national capital cities and ten countries. Choosing one of the river Danube cruises to enjoy the beauty of this body of water is a very good idea, especially if you are looking for a romantic vacation.

However, making sure you stop in the capital cities along the way to enjoy what they have to offer will help you understand the importance of this river – Danube. European Union’s longest river and the second longest on the continent (after Volga), flows for 2872 km before emptying into the Black Sea and creating the enchanting Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

Going from West to East, the first capital it passes through is Vienna, Austria’s capital. The Danube doesn’t even touch the city but the man-made Danube Canal does. Head up in Danube Tower for an areal view of the Danube and its canal.

Going further East, we reach Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital. The city sprawls on both banks of the river. Over the centuries, the Danube became the most important transportation route to other areas. Nowadays, you can cross the bridges which span the river and spend time in the parks which were created in its vicinity.

Next, it’s time to visit Budapest, where the Danube splits the city into two magnificent parts: Buda and Pest. It also creates several islands, out of which Margitsziget is the most well known as a place to spend your spare time and go to concerts. There are several places which offer an amazing view of the Danube. Up on Gellert Hill, by the Citadella, as well as on Castle Hill near the Royal Palace, you can see the beauty of the river crossing the city.

The last capital on its route is Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. The city is situated at the confluence of two rivers: Danube and Sava, which account for a total of 7 bridges and a lot of interesting nightlife spots in the vicinity. The Belgrade Fortress is a good place for some panoramic views of the river.

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