India: Love Madurai

Whilst in Madurai, a heaving, working, shouting city of blackish earth streets and slow-moving buffalo, we take a rickshaw to Meenakshi Amman Temple. The thirty minute drive lasts for an eternity, and I disembark with a dam of unshed tears. Cycling through the slums, weaving in and out of sloppy wet mud and through rivulets … Continued

Five must-visit Caribbean resorts

With its glorious weather, sandy beaches and lukewarm turquoise seas, the Caribbean islands are seen as a dream holiday destination for many people. Temperatures tend to range from a minimum of 20C in January to above 30C in July, so you can be sure of getting some sunshine whenever you travel. The one problem that some … Continued

What The Kumbha Mela Taught Me

Curiosity, with certain scepticism, made me say yes, when asked if I would like to come along to the Kumbha Mela, the largest religious congregation of people in the world. Curious because over the years, I have seen innumerable photographs that have captured the Mela and wanted to see for myself its appeal. To see … Continued

Florida: Winter’s Tale

Winter, for some visitors to Clearwater Beach, Florida is a season to escape but for others, especially those in need of inspiration, she’s an animal to seek out. Named for the season in which she was rescued, Winter is an eight-year-old dolphin who inspires child amputees, Iraqi war vets and medical researchers interested in recent … Continued

Arigatō to Japan

Asante! xièxiè! Gracias! Tack så mycket! The first word any traveller learns in their new destination, Thank you! A phrase which shows humility, compassion, and a sincere gratitude used to acknowledge the new cultures, the diverse lifestyles, and the natural beauty of the place which you are exploring. The past few years have taken me … Continued

Iceland: Alone in the Lava

I recently took a trip to Iceland – my first to that country. It was also my first solo traveling venture, as all my previous trips had me visiting friends. I was alone in a foreign country; and with that came all the liberation and all the fear of being totally on my own. The … Continued

Venice is Sinking

It is midnight in St. Mark’s Square in Venice and the entire piazza is under water. Special tidal conditions and a full moon have caused the water levels to rise a metre and give the impression that one of the world’s most beautiful cities is sinking. A knee-deep flash lagoon covers what Napoleon referred to … Continued

A Simple Safari In The Jaisalmer Desert – India

Rajasthan, Northern India. 2 hours away from the Pakistan border. Our location was Jailsalmer. I never imagined I would be in this territory in my life. I had made my way up from the southern parts of Kerala, through Goa, Mumbai, and Udaipur consisting of long train journeys, regularly awoken by the sound of ‘Chai’ … Continued

Nigeria, My Country: What it means to me

I would like to explain some of the above words in a clear and concise manner. Gratitude; according to the Seventh Edition of the Oxford Learners Dictionary, it simply connotes with the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks. Inspire; it means giving somebody the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something … Continued

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