Beyond the Trip: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on a Cruise


Lucaya Beach

Cruises are popular vacation options yet not many are aware that a cruise is much more than being spoiled with luxurious accommodations, full board meals and entertainment on board. A cruise is also a great opportunity to discover and experience the culture and recreation of the different places included in the cruise trip’s itinerary. Holiday Cruise Line, for instance, offers land-based excursions on its Caribbean cruise itinerary.

Woman at Bahamas Beachfront

Jackie Finley, Holiday Cruise Line Representative, says, “Our cruise line offers a swim with the dolphins attraction that a lot of our vacationers get really excited about. It’s the sort of once in a lifetime thing that we pride ourselves on offering to our customers, and we think it goes beyond what people traditionally associate with cruises. I think, when people talk about cruises, they sometimes get caught up in the sea trip and forget that there’s a land destination on the other end of it. Cruises arrange a lot of very special entertainments for passengers. For example, our guided, horseback trail tour of the Grand Bahama Island is a great chance to see a wholly unique place. It’s a big part of what we offer.”

The Grand Bahama Island is a favorite travel destination. Make the most of your cruise trip by availing of these sensational tour options to the island:

Our Lucaya Beach Resort Pool

Our Lucaya Beach Resort Experience
Spend a day at the spectacular 4-star Our Lucaya Beach Resorts. This family-friendly property offers the absolute Bahamas get-away for adults and kids alike. A day trip will surely delight you, whether under the sunshine, on the pristine white sandy beaches, or in the crystal clear blue waters. Enjoy the plush amenities the resorts have to offer including fresh-water pools, Jacuzzis, swim-up bars, and many others. A sumptuous buffet lunch is in store for day excursionists, too. And, of course, there is the Village Market Promenade that offers fantastic duty-free shopping should you wish to bring home a souvenir to remember your great Bahamas island fun day by.


Swim with the Dolphins
Have fun with the dolphins at The Dolphin Experience Lagoon. Learn about these friendly sea creatures and play with them in the water. It promises to be an experience of a lifetime!

Snorkel Adventure Tour
Have a unique adventure and discover the underwater attractions around the island. Snorkel and marvel at the rich marine life and colorful corals of the Caribbean sea. The tour includes refreshments, use of snorkel equipment, and snorkel jackets and instructions by an experienced and professional staff.


Glass Bottom Boat Tour
If you prefer a relaxing sightseeing tour, sail onboard the “Ocean Wonder,” a 60 foot double-deck glass bottom boat. Take in the awesome beauty around the island and view its landmarks such as Cooper’s Medieval Castle, while
catching sight of the vibrant underwater world while enjoying the Bahamas sunshine. You’ll also have the chance to see the Brit’s Wreck submerged near Treasure Reef.

Horseback Riding

The Ultimate Eco-Tour
Get a closer look of the island’s beauty on horseback in just two hours. Take a guided trail ride through the endangered pine forest, see Cooper’s Castle, then meander along the beach and into the ocean.

Whatever you fancy, don’t miss out on the fun in store for you onboard and on land during your cruise! Happy cruising! 🙂


Photo credits:
Lucaya Beach: Bing via Flickr
Woman at Bahamas Beachfront: ollie harrdige via Flickr
Our Lucaya Beach Resort Pool: ollie harridge via Flickr
Dolphin: Boris Kasimov via Flickr
Snorkeling: Michael Gray via Flickr
Horseback Riding: elaine moore via Flickr

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  1. A cruise on the Grand Bahama Island is undoubtedly a fun and unforgettable experience. There are lots of things to do. Matt

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