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Does sipping on a cool cocktail on a nearly deserted, pure white sand beach with a turquoise blue ocean in front of you sound like a bucket list item?  If so, a Barbados Holiday is a great item to scratch off of your to-do-list.  Located just east of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea, Barbados enjoys year round enjoyable tropical temperatures, which rarely, if ever dips below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius).  Since the island is so small, a constant, cooling breeze blows over the entirety of the country.  This means that even though Barbados is tropical and is prone to heat, the constant wind means it never gets too unbearably hot.

barbadosWhat is there to do in Barbados besides sitting on the beach, relaxing the days away?  If you’re a diver, the diving all around the island is world class; offering nearly limitless destinations and endless opportunities to see an abundance of sea life.  Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles seemingly swarm around the island. There are loads of boat trips that’ll take you out to swim with them. Some combine the journey with a spot of snorkeling around the island’s reefs and wrecks, too. No matter what side of the island your hotel or resort is at, there is sure to be great diving nearby.

If water activities isn’t your thing and you would rather explore on foot, Barbados is excellent for hiking and sightseeing as well.  One particular destination that has fantastic panoramic views of the land is at Cherry Tree Hill.  The road that ascends to the summit wanders through a sugar cane plantation and as the road traverses up the hill, mahogany trees line the side of the road.   At 850 feet, (259 meters) the summit offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas.  On the way back down the hill, a stop off at the St. Nicholas Abbey Rum and distillery.  Here, rum is produced and you can take a tour and sample some of the best rum in the Caribbean!

For those who want to incorporate some city life into their vacation, the capital city of Bridgetown is a great place to explore a few days.  Here, there are a few museums that can take you back in time or markets to buy souvenirs for friends back home.  There are also churches, a harbor and other attractions that can make your stay more enjoyable.

It is clear that Barbados is the perfect destination and is a great place for people of all ages to enjoy.  From snorkeling or diving in the ocean to hiking and visiting rum distilleries, Barbados is a great place to escape for a few days, weeks or even months!

Tyler Brooks

Tyler Brooks was born and raised in the small town of Bailey, near South Park in Colorado. After his first trip abroad to Japan when he was ten years old, he has had the travel bug and since then, has spent his life planning and going on trips. He recently found his talent as a photographer. His beautiful photography is available for sale at

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