90210 Reboot: Are You Watching Tonight?


BH 90210 by Brian Bowen Smith/FOX
BH 90210 by Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

I was so excited to go to the premier of the 2019 version of 90210 with She Media at Shutters on the Beach on August 7, 2019.  I have to agree with what other fans said: It was very confusing! I am going to watch the next episode tonight in hopes it starts to make sense but it is not clear if they are playing themselves or enhanced versions of themselves or what is happening. I wish Luke Perry was alive to be a part of it.

90210 by Mikel Roberts/Sygma
90210 by Mikel Roberts/Sygma

As seen in Good Housekeeping:

  • “Wow! Way to disappoint all your fans! #90210 whose bright idea was it having the actors NOT play their character?!” –@joannazaneta
  • “Dear @FOXTV, You really messed up this 90210 reboot. Nobody cares about their real lives. We can google that.” – @lanier_RN
  • “This 90210 reboot format is terrible! What a horrendous concept. I’m 6 minutes in, and already want to turn it off. What a major letdown!” – @squire31
Lisa Niver Jina Michaels Amy Ramskill at Shutters on the Beach
Lisa Niver, Jina Michaels and Amy Ramskill at Shutters on the Beach

Tori Spelling says her dad would be proud: “Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are confident that Beverly Hills, 90210 producer — and Tori’s dad — Aaron Spelling would approve of the quasi-revival, BH90210. Spelling says: “I think he would be super proud. First of all, he’d be really proud that Jennie and I did this, that we went on this journey and it was no easy journey. It took us two years to get this whole thing put together. But I think he would get it. I feel really confident that we have created something groundbreaking and that’s what he loved to do and he loved storytelling and entertaining and that’s what we do.”

Thank you 90210 FOX and She Media
Thank you 90210, FOX and She Media

After the premier, fans took to Twitter and said:

  • “This 90210 show is one of the most confusing things I’ve ever watched.” – @tomkeels
  • “Raise your hand if you would rather have watched re-runs of 90210 instead of the confusing mess that was aired tonight 🙋🏻.” – @creepette
  • “I need someone to speak out loud what is happening in this region 90210 like are they them or are the fictional or is this all just meta and are they all an executive producer on it THIS IS MELTING MY BRAIN.” – @theGudernatch
Watching the premier at Shutters with She Media
Watching the premier at Shutters with She Media

Jina and Lisa at 90210 premier Jina and Lisa at 90210 premier

Sunset at Shutters on the Beach

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