5 Travel Gadgets I Do Not Leave Home Without


By Megshutterstock_245322604an Foster

5 Awesome Travel Tech Gears From Across The Globe

As an adventurous bohemian, I love to hop from place to place. My modern day travels and trails can be quite off-beat, and sometimes, I am in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly realize a travel charger is exactly what I need to stay connected with the world. I want interesting and quirky travel essentials at a budget price. Where do you find your best buys?

Here are my favorite five must-have travel toys:

shutterstock_121359172 A multipurpose Intrepid bag

I personally love my intrepid travel bag. It is made from high quality leather and is the ultimate buddy that keeps you literally hands-free. It houses my gear and necessities and adds comfort to the miles you cover too. With horizontal mounted two-inch padded shoulder straps, it is the perfect backpack. Should you want to use it for boardroom offshore meetings as well- go right ahead!

Laundry service anywhere and anytime

Do you wish there was a personal assistant to help you with clean laundry? Introducing: Scrubba! Dirtied your linen shorts or trousers and don’t know where to get them scrubbed and cleaned? The Scrubba as the name suggests is a smaller version of a washing machine, which has the power to clean, scrub, and rinse off your dirty laundry. Fresh crisp clothes are now a possibility while you travel!

No more lost baggage woes

At some point in life, as travelers we have all lost a bag or two, some never to be found. Be it at the bus terminals or the airport or maybe at the local railway stations- there are times when an item or two sways out of the way. Don’t let that happen to you! No one likes to lose their favorite things on a fun-filled vacation. Invest in the bag tracker with an app to keeps an eye on your belongings at all times.

 Ditch the DSLR

Before you scream “What?” How can I  ask you not to carry along that bulky DSLR when you travel; here’s why! The solution for the picture takers and photographers is “Moment!: Lenses that capture the utmost details from landscapes, miniatures, macro and micro photography and even a wide lens too. Place the lens on top of the phone and allow it to adjust itself to the phone camera lens. Hold the phone, focus on the subject and object, click and watch the high quality resolutions turn out just as you want. Bravo science, you’ve just made travel light and nice!

Inflatable beds

No place to stay the night or planning to sleep under the dark starry skies? Do that with style and comfort. Carry the AeroBed PakMat- lightweight and comfortable, easy to store and carry along, and perfect for the weary traveler. The AeroBed PakMat is seventy-eight inches long for you to stretch your legs, twenty-six inches wide for the twists and turns to accommodate through the night and when inflated, five inches in height, with softness and comfort for a great night of sleep. Yes, it does come with a convenient hand pump.

shutterstock_218933443As Jack Kerouac said:  Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” Gather your things and come meet me on the road! Let me know which of tips you try and what you will not leave home without!

About the Author: Megan Foster, a copywriter, has a bachelor degree in communication science. She has been a professional writer for more than five years. She is continuing her studies to achieve a Master’s degree. Megan writes about saving money, fashion, beauty and traveling with her family. My images are from Shutterstock.

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  1. I didn’t know about those special lenses, that is a great tip! I always carry my DSRL with me and I have to rethink about with I’m putting in my bag to make room for it.

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