Winners of the 2017 Inspiration Travel Writing Award are Here!


It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for!  Today, we announce which writers inspired us with their story in the 2017 WSGT Inspiration Travel Writing Award!  These inspirational authors shared with us how travel has changed their life, a near death experience and how culture has influenced the way they are today.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 12th travel writing competition! Look for our very first photo competition in August 2017. Please enter our summer Independence Travel Award which is lucky #13!  We extended the deadline in honor of Lisa winning a journalism award!

Writers and travelers of all ages from all countries are encouraged to participate.  Entries are required to be between 500-800 words with 1 photo and you can even enter more than once!  Judges for the summer competition are Amanda Castleman and Jason Frye. Any travel article submitted must be an original piece that is previously unpublished.  All posts that meet the requirements will be published on We Said Go Travel!  And now, for the winners!

First Place:  

Jase Wilson:  A New Life begins in Canada

This story starts with a hospital bed. A cold and lonely night. A lost soul without direction. Asleep at the wheel, likely dreaming of a better life, one he could hardly have imagined. He screamed. Flailed. Desperately waved for help.

Second Place:

Kathryn Curzon: Choosing Hope: A Migrant’s Crossroad in Hong Kong

Fear settled on my shoulders and defeat pulled at my heart as I descended the crowded escalator in Hong Kong. I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. We’re finished, beaten, I thought as commuters pushed past in their immaculate suits, clutching their pearl teas close.

Third Place:

Joshua Cook: The Polyglots and the Japanese Ramen Shop

June. The pullulating masses of Tokyo are at it again. As they always are. Every day. From when that great sun rises in the east to long after it sets and the city lights turn on and vibrate and hum with hubris, drowning out any sign of a starry sky.

Honorable Mentions:

Hitchhiking Away my Fears in Cambodia by Julian  Schoenfelder

Thank you to our esteemed judges, Richard Bangs and Amanda Castleman! A great big thank you once again to all who participated in our Inspiration Travel Writing Award!  

Tell your story in our new Travel Writing Award and you could be the next winner! Stay up-to-date with WSGT through our blog, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and youtube channel!

Tyler Brooks

Tyler Brooks was born and raised in the small town of Bailey, near South Park in Colorado. After his first trip abroad to Japan when he was ten years old, he has had the travel bug and since then, has spent his life planning and going on trips. He recently found his talent as a photographer. His beautiful photography is available for sale at

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