What are the best places to visit in London?


Anyone who visits London will know why it is consistently at the top of the, “Most Visited Cities in the World” list. In 2013, it was the most visited city in the world with nearly 16 million visitors. With attractions such as their numerous museums, Buckingham Palace, and The London Eye, London has something for everyone in the family but what are the best places to visit?

The first step in planning a trip to the UK is to find a hotel. With all the excitement and events around, where are the best places to stay? With so many visitors each year to the capital requiring different needs, there isn’t any one good choice. Business travelers might need privacy while families might need more room. Everyone’s requirements will be different. To make it an easier task to choose which hotel is the best fit, Central London Hotels has made choosing a hotel easier as they have done extensive research as to where the most popular hotels in London are.

After a hotel has been picked, picking out where to go and what to see is next. First of all, the museums that London has to offer are second to none. The most popular museum is the British Museum, which was founded in 1753 and has artifacts that date back over two million years ago. Each year, this museum attractions around six million visitors. Another popular museum to visit is the National Gallery. Here, there are over 2,000 Western European paintings from the middle ages all the way up to the 20th century. Some famous paintings found here were painted by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Renoir and Van Goh to name a few. There are many other museums in London and the surrounding areas which can be a great way to spend the day!

The London Eye. Image courtesy of Google Images

For those not interested in museums, another great attraction London has to offer is Buckingham Palace. This palace is the residence of the monarchy of the UK. Built in the 1700’s, it was originally known as Buckingham House and was built for the Duke of Buckingham. Since then, the royal family has called the palace their residence and is at the center of many national celebrations. A trip here is almost mandatory for anyone whom visits London.

Along with Buckingham Palace, the London Eye is another landmark that makes London famous. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the Thames River. The Ferris wheel is 40 stories tall (135 meters/440 feet) and has a diameter of 120 meters (394 feet). When it was completed in 1999, it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and is still today the highest public viewing point in London. If going with kids, the London Eye is an attraction that cannot be missed.

There are so many other places and attractions to see in London, too many to list. This is truly a world class city that has something for everyone. From history in museums to fun and excitement for everyone, such as the London Eye, London is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their life. No matter what you like, London will have it.

Tyler Brooks

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