Utah: Freedom from Mind



acquainted, survived, camping trip; seventeen

in 69; high school; five crazed; a mass deed

Frisbee flaps backpacks, footing sand; old beast’s rock

dinosaur footing; flying discs; some caught

what I knew; I was lost; where I was; feeling freed

we found charm, passion play, bathing warmth; agreed

fifteen years pass; never knew where I was;.. crave

 same sense of freedom; forgot Utah; enslave

spirit appeal spell; back you same, I come call

 girlfriend; come circumstance; surprised me; cure-all

where’s this,… I say;… she smiles;… this is you

 heart filled my throat; eye’s full, teared, un glue

remember this time, passing through;… what a view

 not quite the same, but… yes!…nature’s same brew

explore it I did; every month; eight year run

all alone, heart found heaven; giddy earth fun

marriage came, three years, into love; being one

 bond was complete; I was whole, unbounded son

the connection to nature, comes endless, where bound

the essence of space, surrounds maze beauty, on ground

 so far, speak in general; prepare you, fore now

 hang on to your seat, nature’s coming, out loud

three thirty; Friday, past work; heading due

springtime is Moab, Utah; highway groove

 exit I-70 to Cisco; ghost town

the back way, down canyon

Colorado River, hooks round

getting close, to crossing bridge

feel, bit guilty; work hostage

crossing bridge, comes canyon sun

warmth rolls in; focused;…….I come

an instant; remember?… lost guilt; it’s gone

I’m free once again; I’m absorbed; so long

thirty minutes, Fisher Canyon, rusty reds, crimson dust

heart is pounding, anticipation, blood skies excite; thrust

four wheeling, hot sand soft; place pup tent bed; dark

morning; awake; step out unbelieving; embark

circle 360, pan eyes round twice; not a sound

standing stare; sensing calm; surreal, all around

 my soul steps, outside of self; seats upon ground

 land is sacred; feels home; soul comfort; uncrowned

observe, as I do, there is nothing to hear

no sound; my breathing; peace upon ear

no insects, no bugs, no birds, no litter

the moon, with warmth, it’s color; glitter

rouge reds; bedding, prickly mint greens

streams turn dry wash; tread path; my dreams

breakfast tastes; miraculous; potatoes and corn

sublime place; dessert-ed; stomach, eyes; reborn

tidy up camp; pack water, figs; lets go

sky’s a cobalt blue; can feel, the airflow

I sense I’m compass; all views stretch to me

I center, this universe; all things still; beauty

essence I share; my own; nature’s take

together in stride; freeing; comes wake

excite flutters in; turns corner, comes again

all senses are battered, renew again, again

sun is so patient; rays hang me all day

 low on my water, turn around;… OK

2 o’clock high; I need shade; come inside

still all alone, undisturbed; I am fried

perfect; my 4 wheel ride; snacking civilization

ahh….turn key, press air condition; pack up; a blazon

next stop; not sure, who cares, lets cruise; all prime

one mile an hour, set camp; fore; night time

magic sets; casting goblins and hoodoos; twilight

 interval; outfit, quiet symphony; sky night

campfire before dark, leads light show parade

one lawn chair, folded out; formation; invade

lean back, iPod music; moon reflects, clouds are vast

streaming per hour, angled cross sky; stars recast

silhouette; rock monsters; horror sets in

 show now begins; buckle up; wrap your skin

campfire to coals; lights out, now you see

 God’s creation unfolding; my movie for free

inspired and tired, eyes slant; happily

unzip door to bed; flashlight; assure me

middle of night, I’m up to go; relieve

chilly encore awaits, enchanted eve

walk in the moonlight, is mandatory

frogs pop from sand,

water filled; expand

ice cold to touch, about 2 inches round

place back in dry wash; or swallow them down

just kidding; I’m laughing; can’t you see

left the soy sauce, at home; not with me

morning comes; fulfilled; two nights and one day,

all that I need; feeling full, free; end-play

seeking last task; must engage, before gone

town burrito; T-shirt; souvenir icon

turn right, Colorado river; Moab is done

backtrack Fisher canyon; thank God

fulfilling fun

About the Author: Dave Ryan is an artist, photographer; (retired) age 61…writer (an attempt; having fun). Grew up in Boulder, Colorado; USA; currently living in South East Asia. Photos from Moab, Utah. More poems on his website, geniusiseasy.


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