Traveling with kids: How to survive and thrive!


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Traveling with kids can be challenging but it can also be rewarding and even fun if planned out right. There are plenty of well-known bloggers out there who specialize in family travel such as YTravel, Travel with Bender and World Travel FamilySo what are the top tips for making the next holiday one to remember?

Take your time

Try to put aside the temptation to see EVERYTHING in a new place, you’ll likely need more time than originally planned and leaving the agenda more open will save everyone a bit of stress. You may even want to look into family-friendly destinations; Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children offers advice on this and much more.

Book a place with space

Depending on your needs and the ages of the children, a traditional hotel may not be the best for a family vacation. If you want more flexibility, space to move around in and perhaps a kitchen to prepare healthy snacks, consider renting a home or apartment through a service like HomeAway.

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Bring entertainment

Now-a-days there are plenty of applications to keep kids busy on a trip. Without having to pack a whole collection of toys, kids can immerse themselves in puzzles, brain-boosters and action-packed games all through a simple tablet. Being prepared with a variety of activities will save you from hearing the dreaded “I’m bored!!!”

Invest in a sturdy camera

Also along the lines of entertainment but on a more creative-level, kids love snapping photos! Encourage them to explore and take in new surroundings with a task: capture whatever inspires you! Although you may see a lot of wheels and feet, there are sure to be a few artistic pieces in the mix. Plus, with a kid-friendly camera your little one is kept occupied for hours.

Let them have a say in what to pack 

They’ll feel more grown-up and excited about the trip if they get to prep their bags (with guidance of course). They’re also more likely to WANT to tote around their own pack if they feel some ownership over it. Fun kid suitcases and backpacks are a great start!

What would you recommend for parents traveling with kids? Any tips or resources that have worked wonders? Comment below!

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