Accidents happen: Why quality travel insurance is key


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While in your home country, medical emergencies might not seem likely and even if something happens there’s probably a quick way of getting to a hospital for professional help. Afterwards, you can ride home in a vehicle and recuperate in bed for as long as necessary. This all changes when you’re on the road. Sanitary standards change, transportation operates differently, you’re trying lots of new things every day… maybe in remote places. That’s why travel is exciting right? You’re not about to tip-toe around avoiding anything potentially dangerous BUT you can be better prepared in case something does happen.

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Matt Nash of World Nomads recalls a story from a traveler in Vietnam: “he kept seeing jars in bars asking for donations because an American 24-year-old was riding a moped and had an accident and didn’t have insurance, had a brain injury and couldn’t afford to get a flight home.” While this might sound like an extreme case, injuries as well as minor illnesses are quite common while traveling and they can keep you from enjoying your long-awaited trip. 

Many people hesitate to buy insurance for two common reasons.

Cost: If you break down a typical Travel Insurance plan from World Nomads, it ends up costing under ten dollars a day; that includes emergency medical evacuation for up to $500,000. Thinking back to the moped incident, it doesn’t seem like much to get home quickly and safely.

Already traveling: Didn’t buy travel insurance before setting out and now regret it? It’s true that many insurance companies will not offer coverage if you’ve already left home but World Nomads does. That’s a game changer. The system World Nomads operates on was designed by travelers and therefore appreciates how important flexibility is for part-time adventurers and full-time nomads alike.

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If you’re planning the next big adventure and wondering what kind of travel insurance you need just enter a few details below. You’ll get all necessary information for making an informed decision about your health and safety. 

Yes! Explore your boundaries. Yes! Get off the beaten-path and Yes! Experience new cultures. Just make sure you do it safely and always have a Plan B!

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